'Joker' sets records with near £200 million opening weekend

'Joker' sets records with near £200 million opening weekend

'Joker' sets records with near £200 million opening weekend

The Clown Prince of Crime easily dominated the box office this weekend. He even goes on to talk about how important was the way Phoenix ran as the character in that scene when he chases the teenagers that stole his sign.

And whether you've seen it or not, we bet you've discussed it, or at least overheard it being discussed. Not only that but the audience were also reported to have been banned to donning any costumes and face masks in a few theatres in the U.S. Joaquin Phoenix walks out While the film received a lot of rave reviews at several film festivals, the publicity surrounding its disturbing portrait of a bullied loner raised fears. It is nearly as if the spirit of Nicholson's Joker is guiding his actions from that point onwards, as Phoenix's Joker changes his plans at the last minute and shoots Murray instead.

Todd Phillips' Joker has been the a popular topic of conversation as of late.

Spoilers for the Joker movie follow. Love or hate Phillips' film, this is an interesting video and gives you a glimpse into what Phillips was going for with his ultra-dark comic book movie.

"Everything in the movie is meant to be unsettling", Phillips says. This scene is very similar to the moment in The Dark Knight where Ledger's Joker makes his escape from the police station in a police vehicle and pushes his head out of the window in ecstasy at having made his escape while leaving the station in ashes behind him.

Seeing the violence and destruction he caused, a blissful smile appears on Arthur's face and he leans into the window of the vehicle to have as good a view of the carnage as possible.

Last year, Venom set the previous record with an $80 million opening weekend. From the Aurora shooting victims family raising concern over the film's release to Gary Glitter's song "Rock and Roll Part 2" being used in the film, here are details of the controversies of that the film got mired in.

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