United Kingdom remains a long way from Brexit deal, says source

United Kingdom remains a long way from Brexit deal, says source

United Kingdom remains a long way from Brexit deal, says source

Michel Barnier has warned European Union ambassadors that the latest negotiations with Boris Johnson's government have been "difficult", with it appearing increasingly unlikely that agreement can be found by the time of an European Union summit later this week.

The Sunday Times newspaper reported Johnson, the face of Britain's 2016 campaign to leave the European Union, was now "desperate" to secure a deal after security chiefs warned that leaving in a disorderly manner could inflame tensions in Northern Ireland.

Any agreement would have to be backed by Parliament in London, where Johnson is reliant on the DUP. Johnson has said he would do his utmost to pull Britain out on Oct.31, even without a deal - a move he believes would boost his hopes of political survival.

The Prime Minister told his Cabinet in a conference call on Sunday there is still a "significant amount of work" to do to get a Brexit deal.

Mr Johnson is now trying to finalise a new agreement with Brussels ahead of a crucial European summit on Thursday. "But if Boris Johnson were to ask for extra time - which probably he won't - I would consider it unhistoric to refuse such a request".

Johnson's office said he told the Cabinet on Sunday in a conference call "that a pathway to a deal could be seen but that there is still a significant amount of work to get there and we must remain prepared to leave on October 31" even if there is no agreement.

"The Prime Minister said there was a way forward for a deal that could secure all our interests, respect the Good Friday Agreement, get rid of the backstop and get Brexit done by October 31 so we can push on with domestic agenda, investing in our NHS, tackling violent crime, and dealing with the cost of living".

Labour has said it would call a referendum on any deal on exiting the European Union - with the Welsh Government saying it would campaign to remain.

A spokesman for Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the Government would not be giving "running commentary" on the current phase of Brexit negotiations.

To leave with a deal on October 31, Johnson has just days to agree with the European Union on border arrangements.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will discuss the available options with French President Emmanuel Macron late Sunday.

Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn tells Sky News that it is unlikely that he will support a new deal between Johnson and the EU.

If successful in Brussels, Johnson then has to win a vote in a parliament that rejected his predecessor Theresa May's deal three times earlier this year.

Since becoming prime minister in July, Johnson has pushed 21 lawmakers out of his ruling Conservative party for not backing his Brexit plans, and is short of a majority in parliament.

The British and Irish governments' plan to break the impasse suffered an apparent setback after the DUP's Nigel Dodds said the double customs solution "cannot work", and Brexiteer Owen Paterson, a former Northern Ireland secretary, suggested it would "ride roughshod" over the Good Friday Agreement.

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