Formula One 2021: New auto, new cost cap, better racing?

Formula One 2021: New auto, new cost cap, better racing?

Formula One 2021: New auto, new cost cap, better racing?

By 2021, Formula 1 says that many of those changes will be immediately obvious with more attractive cars, closer racing and a more compact race weekend, but they are still a work in progress.

With a mock up of the new-look auto, which will be on the track in 2021, unveiled at the Circuit of the Americas, Ferrari's four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel suggested it will take something more than some "fancy pictures online" to win him over.

The revamp follows two years of discussions between teams, governing body and US-based commercial rights holders Liberty Media and other stakeholders. As expected, there will be a cost cap implemented for the 2021 season of $175 million, with an additional $1 million added every time a new race is added to the calendar.

But there's real hope for 2021 because the team behind the incoming new batch of rules includes F1 managing director Ross Brawn and technical director Pat Symonds - both former title winners - and, finally, it includes the introduction of a proper cost cap. The number-one upside to the new regulations?

Extensive research has gone into making the 2021 vehicle concept easier to race than the present generation of F1 cars, reducing the overall loss of performance in dirty air. However, more so than the aesthetics, the changes are to create closer racing.

One criticism levelled at the draft regulations was the prescriptive nature of the aerodynamic rules and the lack of potential for differentiation in design. "We tried to capture areas that make a difference between teams".

"I would have liked a different engine". At Williams, George Russell - whose auto had suffered a gearbox issue when he handed it over to Nicholas Latifi this morning - finished P19, half a second up on Robert Kubica on both drivers' first visit to the Circuit of The Americas.

Lap times for the proposed new cars are forecast to be more than three seconds greater on average than they are this season - and a step back into the past.

Hamilton, already the most successful driver in US Grand Prix history with six wins including five in Texas, has designated the Circuit of the Americas a "good hunting ground", making it the flawless spot to clinch another title. "The U.S is one of our key focuses for growth and ESPN know and understand the US Sports audience like no one else".

"So we'll see in the end of the day".

The rules now state that all teams must run at least two practice sessions with drivers who have completed two Grands Prix, or less, in order to give the next generation of F1 stars their moment in the spotlight.

The basic fundamentals should not change but, particularly with the Technical Regulations, as the teams develop their ideas some shortcomings are inevitable.

New rules will limit vehicle upgrades over race weekends, and the number of in-season aero upgrades, reducing the costly development "arms race" that can result in a less competitive grid.

The full 2021 sporting regulations can be found here.

The $175m cost cap has been controversial. This covers anything related to on-track performance but excludes marketing costs, the salaries of drivers and of the top three personnel at any team. However, the penalty for breaking the other elements will be harsh, including disqualification from the championship.

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