Epstein Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre Dismisses Prince Andrew’s ‘Ridiculous Excuses’

Epstein Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre Dismisses Prince Andrew’s ‘Ridiculous Excuses’

Epstein Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre Dismisses Prince Andrew’s ‘Ridiculous Excuses’

Giuffre had claimed in court papers in Florida that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old, which is below that state's legal age of consent.

Giuffre, 35, claimed Prince Andrew had sex with her while she was just 17 years old - an incident she said was orchestrated by the prince's friend, wealthy United States sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Other claims from Roberts Giuffre include that "Madame" Ghislaine Maxwell procured her into becoming a "sex slave" for Epstein.

"They were just typical teenage snaps".

He tried to contain the damage by giving a televised interview on the topic, but it backfired in part because he did not express concern for Epstein's victims.

"He has told his brother to be completely up front, open and honest with him - and if there is anything else he thinks could come out", a source told the United Kingdom paper, calling it a meeting about the "Epstein issue".

"If people thought "Newsnight" was a disaster for the Duke, this is really going to put the cat amongst the pigeons", a source told the U.K. Sun. That's me but whether that's my hand... "I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever".

Deputy Director of Royal CentralBrittani Barger says that the crisis surrounding Prince Andrew definitely strengthened "Prince Charles's desire for a reduced monarchy".

Ms Maxwell - who is the youngest child of disgraced media tycoon and British publisher Robert Maxwell - had a romantic relationship with Epstein when she moved to NY following her father's death in 1991. "I think the Queen would if she felt she couldn't perform the duties to the full extent she would like to do, she would probably feel it would be appropriate for her to either make way for a regency or to out and abdicate". This is a real photo.

"He is the most ugly dancer I've ever seen in my life", Mrs Giuffre said.

The programme also spoke to the freelance photographer who first copied the picture in 2011.

Maxwell has denied all allegations levied against her.

"The Prince of Wales urged the Queen to remove the Duke of York from public life after realizing that the scandal over his relationship with a convicted pedophile was beginning to overshadow the [upcoming general] election", the outlet reported.

"This photo has been verified as an original and it's been since given to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and they've never contested that it's a fake".

Friends of the royal have also tried to cast doubt on the infamous photo of him with Virgina Roberts Giuffre, saying his fingers look "too chubby" and the height is wrong.

Ms Giuffre who alleges she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions by Epstein between 2001 and 2002 has given an interview to the BBC.

The prince had a secret meeting with Epstein's ex at Buckingham Palace in June - and has been talking to her all the strategy in which thru the escalating scandal that saw him dumped of royal duties, based on The Solar.

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