From red to white: a peek at Melania's Christmas look

From red to white: a peek at Melania's Christmas look

From red to white: a peek at Melania's Christmas look

In this room, visitors can count down the days of the holiday season with the White House Advent calendar hanging in the windows.

In a tradition dating back to Jackie Kennedy, Melania Trump unveiled her theme for the White House Christmas decorations at the weekend, announcing on Instagram and Twitter that she'd been inspired by "The Spirit of America". "I am delighted to share this lovely exhibit of patriotism for all to see, and excited for everyone to experience the beauty of the #Christmas season!" she tweeted Monday morning, along with a video of herself, going room to room, tweaking and inspecting the details, a cupful of fake snow in one hand to sprinkle on branches of some of the 58 trees.

Author and designer Coleen Christian Burke has worked with several First Ladies to bring together their unique vision of Christmas at the White House.

Christmas decorations are on display in the East Room at the White House, Dec. 2, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

Both the 2017 and 2018 Christmas decorations faced harsh criticism online for the unique choices of white, leafless branches lining the hallways and the red Christmas trees previous year.

Displayed on the iconic eagle pier table in the State Dining room, the Gingerbread House features the South Portico of the White House and landmarks from across the country, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Space Needle, Mount Rushmore, the Alamo, Gateway Arch, Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty, according to the White House news release.

The White House band played Christmas music as photographers, reporters, and videographers got their first look for the annual Christmas decorations personally curated by First Lady Melania Trump. The tree stands over five metres tall and comes from Pennsylvania.

Melania stars in the new 57-second video to showcase the White House's Christmas makeover, which includes lots of white light, white flowers, gold ornaments and green foliage.

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