Adam Driver abruptly walks out of NPR interview

Adam Driver abruptly walks out of NPR interview

Adam Driver abruptly walks out of NPR interview

In the middle of an interview on the NPR program Fresh Air earlier this month, the actor reportedly walked out rather than sitting through a clip of himself singing a song from the recent movie Marriage Story.

"I don't want to hear the bad acting that probably was happening during that clip", Driver told Gross at the time of his own acting chops via The Daily Beast.

Just this Sunday, Driver appeared for a Q&A session between a double feature of Marriage Story and 2016's Paterson at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, where he admitted he hadn't watched Marriage Story and probably never would. The actor, who will soon be seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, was a guest on NPR's "Fresh Air" hosted by Terry Gross. Sources tell Tani that when the Oscar frontrunner was asked about his pivotal singing scene - at the end of the film, he sings "Being Alive" from Stephen Sondheim's musical Company - he expressed "displeasure at the idea of listening to a clip of himself".

However, Adam got up and left 'while we were playing back a clip from the film, ' said Executive Producer Danny Miller.

FILE - This Dec. 14, 2016 file photo shows actor Adam Driver posing for a portrait in NY.

The former Marine is in the midst of promoting the handful of high-profile movies he's starred in as of late, and during an appearance on NPR's Fresh Air, Driver's aversion to hearing/seeing himself on camera came to a head.

The Houston Chronicle is calling it: "2019 was the year of Adam Driver", writes Wei-Huan Chen, noting the Marine-turned-actor "is starring in the best domestic drama of the year (Marriage Story), the best political docudrama of the year (The Report), and likely the most popular film of the year (Star Wars)".

"Yeah, no, I've watched myself or listened to myself before, then always hate it", Driver responded. 'And then wish I could change it, but you can't.

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in Marriage Story. "And I think I have, like, a tendency to try to make things better or drive myself and the other people around me insane with the things I wanted to change or I wish I could change".

While it is unclear what prompted the actor to walk out of the recording, it could be attributed to his 2015 interview with Fresh Air where the Driver confessed he hated hearing himself. "I certainly can't watch this if we're going to continue doing it", he said. "It's torture. Why would you want to watch yourself being stupid and pretending to be somebody else?"

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