SpaceX rocket launch scheduled for Monday night

SpaceX rocket launch scheduled for Monday night

SpaceX rocket launch scheduled for Monday night

The launch has been delayed several times, but the Falcon 9 is now scheduled to lift off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Monday, at approximately 9:19 p.m. ET (6:19 p.m. PT).

The launch is scheduled to take place at 6:19 am on Tuesday local time (9:19 pm EST on Monday). SpaceX will operate a constellation of around 180 satellites (some of the original batch are no longer in operation), which is the most in active use by any private satellite operator now in business.

In easy phrases, the corporate's ambitions have by no means been larger and wherever from 36 to 38 orbital launches are listed between now and 2021 - some 65% of which can doubtless be inside Starlink missions. Users on the ground would then only need a small terminal, no bigger than a laptop to gain internet access. And - if all goes as planned -there will be 23 more launches by the end of this year, growing SpaceX's Starlink constellation to more than 1,500 satellites. With today's launch, the number of Starlink satellites in orbit will increase to 180, putting SpaceX on a path to be the first to provide extensive coverage. SpaceX's constellation was built to bring better internet to remote areas of the world, with service likely to start sometime this year.

According to the company, Starlink commercial internet services could debut in parts of the USA and Canada after about half a dozen more launches, with global coverage after 24 launches. According to the 45th Space Wing, weather conditions are predicted to be favorable for the launch window.

SpaceX carries a livestream on its webcast page for every launch, and this Starlink mission will be no different.

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