Carlos Ghosn's image rehab begins in wrong gear

Carlos Ghosn's image rehab begins in wrong gear

Carlos Ghosn's image rehab begins in wrong gear

Tokyo prosecutors who tried to seize a computer used by former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn at his lawyer's office in Tokyo before he jumped bail and fled Japan, were denied access, Ghosn's defense team said Wednesday.

In his conference, Ghosn called the Japanese justice system "rigged", where "guilt is presumed" and there is a 99-per-cent conviction rate.

"I did not escape justice, I fled injustice and persecution, political persecution", he said.

"I am here to clear my name".

"I should never have been arrested in the first place", he said. "The allegations are baseless".

They said the inquiry, which led to his arrest in Japan, was launched with "the specific, predetermined goal of taking down Carlos Ghosn".

Ghosn's escape has perplexed and embarrassed many Japanese authorities-and angered the country where he achieved most of his academic and career success: France. Even so, Ghosn declined to put the blame on specific government officials, including Japan's leader.

Ghosn alleged "collusion" between Nissan and Japan prosecutors over his "staged arrest", saying he was told by lawyers he faced a five-year wait for a verdict.

Four hours later, Ghosn, Taylor and Zayek were in the private jet headed toward Istanbul but only Taylor and Zayek appeared on the flight manifest.

"Defendant Ghosn's allegations completely ignore his own conduct", it notes, "and his one-sided criticism of the Japanese criminal justice system is totally unacceptable".

In prison, Mr Ghosn said he was kept in a cell with a small window and only allowed to shower twice a week.

"I can't accept the fact that fabricating a story and lying about something at such a scale can win or can prevail", he said.

Ghosn said he would be ready to stand trial "anywhere where I think I can have a fair trial".

Nissan has said an internal investigation found that Ghosn had engaged in personal use of company money and had under-reported his income in violation of Japanese law.

"The collusion between Nissan and prosecutors is everywhere", he said. He's accused of causing the Japanese automaker to lose over 5 million dollars as a result.

Ghosn is expected to detail some of the claims he has made against Nissan since his arrest. Ghosn had been in favour of merging Nissan with industry ally Renault, of which he was also chairman. He has now been stripped of all his positions.

Lebanon and Japan do not have an extradition treaty.

Lebanon does not normally extradite its citizens. He holds Brazilian, French and Lebanese nationality.

He claimed he was left with no other choice but to flee to protect himself and his family.

He said he had been "ripped" from friends and family when arrested.

Ghosn helped lead Nissan back from the brink two decades ago, following its rescue by Renault.

November 26 - Mitsubishi Motors dismisses Ghosn as chairman.

But his legal team in France lashed out at those remarks just hours before Ghosn was due to speak. Ghosn had offered to wear one when he requested bail.

Some reports claim that Ghosn, who had been under house arrest since the spring of past year, used public transport to get from Tokyo to Osaka, where he was carried aboard a private jet inside a crate used for transporting musical instruments. Wearing a dark suit and red tie, his hair gone mostly gray, Ghosn took questions from reporters from around the world, slipping easily between English, French, Arabic and Portuguese. Ghosn leaves Tokyo Detention House.

Video footage at Ghosn's home shows him walking out December 29, according to NHK. Private jet believed to carry Ghosn and two American men departs from Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture.

Once in Turkey, Ghosn hopped in a vehicle and drove about 100 yards to a smaller jet, which, unlike the flight from Osaka to Istanbul, had not filed a flight plan.

"Nissan will continue to do the right thing by cooperating with judicial and regulatory authorities wherever necessary", the Yokohama-based company said.

Tokyo prosecutors have separately issued an arrest warrant for his wife, Carole, who they say is suspected of making false statements to court.

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