Teens Fill Car With Koalas To Rescue Them From Australia Bushfires

Teens Fill Car With Koalas To Rescue Them From Australia Bushfires

Teens Fill Car With Koalas To Rescue Them From Australia Bushfires

According to The Telegraph, the "virtually unstoppable" hearth on Kangaroo Island, which was thought-about a koala safe-haven as a result of its inhabitants had escaped a chlamydia epidemic, has led to grave concern amongst ecologists.

"We are seeing kangaroos and koalas with their hands burned off - they stand no chance".

Australian locals have taken it upon themselves to help the affected wildlife, including two teenaged boys who rescued a few koalas who were hurt in the fires, Metro reported.

Blazes are also tearing through the states of New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Two teens are 19-year-old Micah and 18-year-old Caleb.

The video was captioned: "Amid the awful bushfires in Australia, my cousins went out and saved as many koalas as they could". While 5 koalas lounge on the automobile seats and the steering wheel, a mom koala is seen within the boot of the automobile.

One fifth of the koalas they saved died within a day due to their burn injuries.

"They look so terrified and exhausted". "We are just trying to collect as many live ones as we can".

The couple are now caring for about 18 burned koalas, and they have had to euthanise many more.

An ecologist and coordinator for the nonprofit Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife, Ms Groffen said the population of 300 or so dunnarts may have been wiped out altogether because they are too small to outrun wildfires, although she remains hopeful that some may have sheltered in rock crevices.

Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia has been described as the country's version of the Galapagos.

Various NASA satellites have been monitoring the devastating fires in Australia, and the agency just released before and after images of Kangaroo Island captured by the Terra satellite using the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument.

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