How Khloe Kardashian Is Supporting Rob in Blac Chyna Custody Battle

How Khloe Kardashian Is Supporting Rob in Blac Chyna Custody Battle

How Khloe Kardashian Is Supporting Rob in Blac Chyna Custody Battle

His ex, Rob Kardashian alleged that Chyna is taking their daughter, Dream Kardashian towards the wrong lane.

Khloe Kardashian has made a statement in the court documents verifying Rob's account and according to TMZ, she said that Dream's behavior has changed. Khloe says that when Dream comes to spend time with her cousins, she is "decidedly more aggressive".

"I texted Chyna this morning and requested her if she had one factor to say", Wendy began, noting that Chyna didn't get once more to her. "Rob Kardashian, who must've in no way acquired throughout the fast lane with Chyna to begin with, OK!"

Wendy Williams despatched a stern warning to her good buddy, Blac Chyna as her custody wrestle with Rob Kardashian rages on.

"I don't think nothing is wrong with children going with their dad 'til their mothers get, you know, better", she said.

In his documents, Rob asked a judge to limit the time Chyna spends with their daughter to just weekends with a nanny present as he believes she's a danger and isn't behaving appropriately around their little girl.

Chyna allegedly host parties in her house and invite strangers even while Dream is with her.

Most shocking are claims that three-year-old Dream is "naked twerking" and acting out sexual positions that she says her mother taught her.

Close bond: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has always been close with her brother, who lived with her for several years. Rob said that Dream would arrive at him with messy hair, as well as dirty nails and teeth.

And Rob isn't going to tolerate Chyna's bad behavior anymore.According to him, Dream should be in his house or with his family/sisters.

"Chyna will vigorously contest this latest despicable attempt to take away her daughter in a court of law, where she will keep prevailing against her ex-fiance Rob and the other malicious and vindictive members of his family".

Khloe Kardashian will forever be the protective older sister.

Kardashian also claims that Chyna's influence has resulted in Dream saying inappropriate swear words, which he says are not terms she hears when she's with him. Chyna has long acted like her number one priority isn't raising her kids.

Rob filed documents in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday for full custody of his daughter.

Rob also wants the courts to approve his request of having Chyna submit a drugs and alcohol test no less than 30 minutes before each visit with Dream.

Though Chyna's attorney claims these accusations are false and "absolutely absurd", this isn't the first time she's been claimed to be an "unfit" parent by the Kardashians.

The source says they've "seen clear changes in her behavior" when she returns from visiting Blac Chyna's home.

Kardashian said that Chyna uses foul language in front of Dream, who has subsequently repeated phrases such as 'What the f***?' and 'b***h'. HollywoodLife has reached out to representatives for each Rob and Chyna. She is trying to give them the best parental care.

'With both of my baby fathers, we have a mutual agreement and everything runs smoothly, ' she said.

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