Google starts testing Stadia on non-Pixel devices

Google starts testing Stadia on non-Pixel devices

Google starts testing Stadia on non-Pixel devices

It appears like Google is running a randomized testing test to see exactly how non-Pixel phones manage Stadia.

For other users, they abruptly started receiving system notifications asking them to re-register their face again, despite the face unlock functioning fine earlier.

When users tried to wipe the installed face data, they saw a "Cannot verify face" message. Once the Pixel 4 was launched, users discovered that face unlock had one critical flaw when compared to Apple's, as it didn't have a Require Attention option - that someone could unlock your phone by holding it against your face while you sleep.

The problem first popped up starting around November, escalating in frequency over more recent months. Not only do you get to take advantage of the price cut, you'll also receive a $200 gift card when you buy either of these phones. For a few of the users, the face unlocks issue first came after they received Google's monthly security updates. It indicates that the face could not be verified, inviting them to try again. For affected users, it is a very annoying problem since they can not unlock their smartphones easily.

These messages prompted users to re-add face data but the problem still persists. Some were even unable to delete previously stored face data from their phones. If you are experiencing this issue, I hate to say it, but a factory reset might fix you right up. So, for all those who are affected by this problem in their device they can do a factory reset, even though it always does not fix the problem. Sadly, the phone doesn't give its owners a backup system like a fingerprint sensor to fall back on, so those suffering the problem are stuck using a PIN, pattern, or password for security in the meantime.

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