Second person dies in Chinese virus outbreak

Second person dies in Chinese virus outbreak

Second person dies in Chinese virus outbreak

The Public Health Agency of Canada said if a traveller shows signs and symptoms of an infectious disease upon arrival in Canada, border officers or airport and airline staff can contact their agency's quarantine officer, who may take appropriate measures to address any public health risk.

The advisory said: "Travellers to China should follow simple public health measures at all times".

Messonnier added that this was still the early days of the outbreak and that CDC's policies could change as more is learned about the virus.

"We're expecting the screening over the next couple of weeks could include as many as 5,000 people across three airports", he said.

About 100 staffers are being sent to JFK, San Francisco and Los Angeles worldwide airports. So far, six suspected cases have been detected, including one yesterday.

People traveling from Wuhan will have their temperature checked and be asked about symptoms.

Officials have been quick to shut down rumors of a SARS reemergence, going so far as to punish several people who spread such information online. But they said they are working to expand their diagnostic capabilities so confirmation can happen faster.

USA health officials will begin immediately screening airline passengers arriving from central China for a new and deadly type of pneumonia-like illness.

The latest outbreak comes ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays, when many of China's 1.4 billion people will be travelling to their home towns or overseas. Farrar said: "Wuhan is a major hub, and with travel a huge part of Chinese new year, the concern must remain high".

More than 40 cases of the newly identified coronavirus have been confirmed in Asia, including two deaths, although at least one involved a previous medical condition. There they will answer more questions and will be tested for the new virus as well as other illnesses, such as the flu, that may be causing their illness.

China's 2003 outbreak of SARS was believed to have originated through animal-to-human transmission in a similar marketplace. It was closed on January 1.

However, some patients, including the original case in Thailand and the case in Japan, reported not visiting the Huanan seafood market.

There are thermal scanners at ports and airports in Indonesia to monitor travellers fevers amid fears the virus could spread.

It is not certain that the virus spreads from person to person.

World Health Organization physician Maria Van Kerkhove on Tuesday stated she "would not be amazed if there changed into a few restricted human-to-human transmission, particularly among households who have close contact with one another".

Local authorities have confirmed that a second person in the city has died of a pneumonia-like virus. The SARS epidemic began in southern China in late 2002, then spread to more than two dozen countries, killing almost 800 people.

"For Wuhan to have exported three cases to other countries would imply there would have to be many more cases than have been reported", Professor Neil Ferguson, one of the authors of the report, told the BBC.

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