Gov. DeWine Says Flu More Dangerous To Ohioans Than Coronavirus

Gov. DeWine Says Flu More Dangerous To Ohioans Than Coronavirus

Gov. DeWine Says Flu More Dangerous To Ohioans Than Coronavirus

However, the seasonal flu remains a big public health concern and in addition to getting vaccinated, the CDC is urging everyone in the nation to exercise proper hygiene and take preventative steps to avoid acquiring and spreading the flu virus.

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus global health emergency on Thursday.

He added that the declaration didn't mean a "vote of no confidence in China" and, in fact, congratulated the Chinese government for taking "extraordinary measures" to contain the outbreak.

Until officials can offer that kind of certainty about the coronavirus, even if it does not seem as unsafe as the flu, anxiety levels will not decline, Bufka said.

The faculty held an information session on the coronavirus presented by Preiser, Dr Jantjie Taljaard (Adult Infectious Diseases) and Dr Nokwazi Nkosi (Medical Virology).

"Above all, I feel guilty and remorseful and I reproach myself", Feng Guoqiang, the Communist Party secretary of Wuhan, said in an interview on China's main television network, CCTV.

But this year, a new coronavirus from China has focused attention on diseases that can sweep through an entire population, rattling the public despite the current magnitude of the threat.

Initially, many patients in Wuhan reportedly had links to the animal market, suggesting that the virus was transmitted by animals.

Adams also told reporters that no evidence of human-to-human transmission had been identified at that point in time in the country.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some can cause respiratory illness in people.

USA officials are now advising Americans not travel to China as coronavirus spreads.

New data shows more than half the cases this year infected people under the age of 25.

Currently, the passengers are under a voluntary 72-hour quarantine as officials check for signs and symptoms.

According to Lin, the woman developed a fever in late December and then suffered from acute shortness of breath within just four days, eventually dying of pneumonia and respiratory failure when rushed to the hospital. "It is unknown whether asymptomatic infections occur", read the fact sheet.

OSDH Commissioner of Health Gary Cox said the risk to the general public is low, but OSDH will continue to be vigilant and continue planning and communicating with all local, state and federal partners as the investigation of this worldwide event continues. Numerous symptoms are the same, but when it comes to immediate risk, Americans should fear the flu more.

- If possible, reconsider travel plans to areas that have been affected by the outbreak.

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