Boris Johnson speaks on post-Brexit relations with EU

Boris Johnson speaks on post-Brexit relations with EU

Boris Johnson speaks on post-Brexit relations with EU

We certainly don't want that to happen.

The EU is constantly saying that it took seven years to arrange the Canada deal, ok it did; but you've now got another country that wants to adopt nearly exactly the same thing, in which case, as Boris Johnson has said, it's oven-ready, it's off the shelf, let's just move on with that.

The colliding visions of EU-UK relations will need to be hammered out at an unprecedented pace with Johnson having flatly refused to extend the negotiating period beyond the end of this year.

On Monday there were few surprises for trade experts, Mr. Lowe said, adding that serious progress in talks is unlikely before the fall.

The final day the United Kingdom can seek an extension to the transition period.

In Brussels, senior officials warned that a failure to agree to a new relationship again threatened a "cliff-edge" departure, a sudden change in trading rules that could damage businesses on both sides of the Channel, but particularly in Britain.

This can be up to two years, though Boris Johnson has insisted there will be no extension.

Barnier said a free trade agreement must include a deal on fisheries that would give reciprocal assess to waters and conditions on these must be established by July 1, 2020.

Barnier suggested the deal on fish will be prerequisite for the broader trade deal, saying the issue is "inextricably" linked to the trade talks. "It is always rights and obligations in a good balance".

Johnson and his ministers have struck a more hardline stance in recent days, paving the way for a much starker break with Brussels than planned under former prime minister Theresa May.

"We must now agree on specific and effective guarantees to ensure a level playing field over the long term", Mr. Barnier said in a speech in Brussels. The vast hall, covered in paintings glorifying British achievement, is where Adm. Horatio Nelson lay in state after his death at the Battle of Trafalgar against the navies of France and Spain in 1805.

Mr Johnson favours a deal akin to Canada's, despite Treasury analysis suggesting it would make Britain's economy 4.9% smaller than remaining in the European Union by 2035.

It's a message aimed as much at a domestic audience as it is a t the bloc, but European Union leaders are unlikely to be impressed by what they'll see as British intransigence and wishful thinking. But he also pledged not to undercut European Union standards.

"It is important for European citizens to know that the single market will be protected", she said.

"This discussion will be pretty balanced because, while it is true that we need access to British waters, the British need access to the European market", French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in an interview Sunday.

Barnier said fisheries and fair trade would be his top priorities in the talks, with a special focus on denying Britain "unfair competitive advantages".

European Union leaders have repeatedly warned that the timetable is tight to strike any kind of deal.

That goes beyond the Canada-EU agreement, known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA. The EU has however picked up the wording of the Political Declaration in its draft negotiating mandate, and sees this wording as supporting the position it has set out.

He said that "where there's a will, there's a way" to reach a deal.

Johnson however now firmly believes that an Australian or Canadian style agreement can be hashed out in the coming months.

One word was noticeably missing from his wide-ranging speech: "Brexit".

"You can not accuse us of a lack of ambition", he told a news conference in Brussels.

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