Buttigieg takes lead, Biden lags in Democrats' first 2020 results

Buttigieg takes lead, Biden lags in Democrats' first 2020 results

Buttigieg takes lead, Biden lags in Democrats' first 2020 results

Instead, it brought a day of confusion and embarrassment during which no results were reported because of huge glitches in the already quirky caucus process.

The chair of the state Democratic Party, Troy Price, apologized for the delay in reporting results today.

While it's pretty much universally agreed that the 2020 Iowa caucuses were a disaster, they didn't feel that way in my precinct.

In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, Shadow took responsibility for the party's inability to announce results Monday.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden round out the top four with 18.4 percent and 15.4 percent, respectively, while Senator Amy Klobuchar, garnering 12.6 percent, takes fifth place.

Iowa caucuses are different from primaries and general elections because they're conducted by party officials, not by people who run elections as a full-time job. With numerous votes outstanding from Sanders-favorable districts like Polk County, he may still lose the delegate lead, too. Preliminary results from 71 percent of Iowa precincts show the former South Bend mayor carried just under 27 percent of the delegates' vote. Then again that is well behind Sanders, the New Hampshire front-runner, who has 24 percent support, according to the poll.

"So far, it's clear that in the first and second round, more people voted for Bernie than any other candidate in the field", Sanders senior adviser Jeff Weaver said.

Turnout at these caucuses will be about the same as in 2016.

One caucus does not equal the Democratic nomination. Vice President Walter Mondale went down in a landslide against President Ronald Reagan, after the party managed to crush the enthusiasm of a broad section of candidates, including the "new ideas" of Sen. Relatively low turnout and Donald Trump's improving ratings should be big concerns for the Democrats.

"I hope that what happened in Iowa is going to be a wake-up call for us as it relates to what can happen and what the risks are".

The question is whether Iowa will have a large impact on these figures. Among voters under 50 years old, he leads with 42%, followed by Buttigieg with 11%, and Warren and Gabbard with 10%.

He saw a 5 point bump among prospective Democratic voters, bringing him up to 17 percent.

But the full results of the two-hour caucuses in nearly 17,000 precincts across the state remained unannounced even after every candidate and most of the media had left the state, mostly to go to New Hampshire for the critical Feb 11 primary. And I'm counting on New Hampshire. Nor does the fact that Biden redirected planned advertising from New Hampshire into Iowa, where he camped out.

Mr. Sanders remains a formidable presence in New Hampshire. Sanders will likely be assisted in New Hampshire by being the senator for the neighbouring Vermont. But Biden has this firewall of African Americans in SC. There have been few recent polls in either state. The pragmatic lane remains fractured, and the former NY mayor's money means he can run a first-rate media campaign in Super Tuesday states on March 3.

Sanders did well among the most liberal voters, while Biden was strong among so-called moderates. Labor led by 52-48, a one-point gain for Labor.

But he nearly lost one vote.

This Newspoll was conducted January 29 to February 1 from a sample of 1,510.

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