Missing 6-year-old South Carolina girl found dead

Missing 6-year-old South Carolina girl found dead

Missing 6-year-old South Carolina girl found dead

"We are now treating this case as a homicide". No arrests have been made.

A homicide investigation is underway.

Cayce officials have not released details of her death.

Multiple agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have joined together to try to find the missing 6-year-old in ground and air searches around her neighborhood.

"We're not sure if she just walked off and is somewhere in the woods or at a neighbour's house possibly in distress or fallen or something like that", Sgt Antley said on Tuesday evening.

"It has been exactly 48 hours since #FayeSwetlik was last seen". She was last seen playing in the front yard of her home at about 3:45 p.m.

The Department of Public Safety said Thursday morning it's looking to identify the owner of a silver sedan that was seen in Faye's neighborhood, Churchill Heights, before she disappeared.

Missing Cayce girl Faye Swetlik is dead. Faye is a 1st grader at Springdale Elementary School. Everyone loves Faye, ' Snellgrove said. Officials have not said how she died.

The girl's mother, the mother's boyfriend and her father all cooperated with investigators, authorities said.

Cayce Department of Public Safety will hold press conferences to provide updates and related information on the investigation into Faye's disappearance daily. She got off the school bus which dropped her off in her neighborhood and was playing in front of her house on Londonberry Lane before she went missing, reports ABC7.

For the past few days, Faye's grandmother, Ruth Collins, has been pleading to the public on social media for help with finding her granddaughter.

"She's fun, bubbly, loves to color, always has a smile on her face and the prettiest blue eyes you've ever seen", says Foutz. Antley confirmed Thursday that the Chevy Trailblazer's driver has been identified, while the Silver sudan has not been identified.

Investigators have towed two cars away from the property.

In all, more than 250 law enforcement officers from different agencies are involved with the search Tuesday, officials said.

Police are asking anybody with information to call the dedicated hotline at 803-205-4444.

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The Cayce Department of Public Safety posted imaged of the cars, saying: "The two vehicles shown were in the neighborhood during the time #FayeSwetlik was last seen".

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