New Hampshire primary polls to close soon with Sanders favorite to win

New Hampshire primary polls to close soon with Sanders favorite to win

New Hampshire primary polls to close soon with Sanders favorite to win

The primary may spell the beginning of the end for Massachusetts Sen. The bad news is, his non-existent showings in each of the first four contests offer no evidence he knows how to compete in statewide races.

Finishing behind Vermont senator Mr Sanders were two moderates - MrButtigieg and Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar, who emerged as a surprise contender by taking third place.

Wednesday's RealClearPolitics national average also shows billionaire Michael Bloomberg (D) overtaking the MA senator's previously held third place position, besting her by just short of two percentage points.

The outcomes thinned the sphere of Democrats desirous to beat President Donald Trump within the November three election, with businessman Andrew Yang and Senator Michael Bennet dropping out after the polls closed.

On today's Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the New Hampshire Presidential Primary results and what it means for the election.

Turnout in the primary surpassed that of 2016's Democratic primary, according to NBC News, and now stands close to eclipsing that of 2008. Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren were close behind, while Amy Klobuchar was much further back, with support around 5% - roughly a fourth of the kind of backing the former vice president enjoyed.

"A young woman came up by herself [in a selfie-line tonight] and she said, 'I'm a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt, '" she said.

Results rolled in relatively quickly, and Democrats in New Hampshire were confident they would have smoother sailing than in Iowa, where embarrassing technical problems delayed vote-counting and the results for days. Candidates who fail to reach 15 percent of the vote don't get any delegates.

"Among black voters - one of Biden's strongest blocs of support - confidence in his chances of beating Trump fell 10 points, to 21 percent".

And they're banking on the political makeup and trends of the state: "Expectations are different here because of the independent voters, and New Hampshire likes to elect women", said one campaign aide.

They talked about him having a "ceiling" of support, and how the majority would ultimately coalesce around a moderate candidate. "The strategic and most effective use of our team is to focus their energy and talents in these two states that reflect the base of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden's strengths".

Looking to rebound, Warren's campaign has increased the number of national television appearances she's done in recent weeks.

It was also a good night for Ms Klobuchar, who rode a wave of momentum from a strong debate on Friday into a third-place finish. Many believe this is a sign that most Democrats prefer a moderate candidate that could get more votes in the general election.

More than 294,000 voters cast ballots in New Hampshire's Democratic primary, the state party said, breaking the record of 288,000 set in 2008, when Barack Obama's historic candidacy energized the party.

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