US Agreement With Taliban Leads To Possible Troop Withdrawal

US Agreement With Taliban Leads To Possible Troop Withdrawal

US Agreement With Taliban Leads To Possible Troop Withdrawal

Speaking to reporters traveling with him to the 2020 Munich Security Conference, Pompeo said Trump gave the green light to continue the talks, and that Washington was seeking to secure a significant reduction in violence before deeper discussions involving all Afghans can begin.

Stoltenberg told journalists on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference that he was scheduled to have a meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani later in the day to discuss ways of finding 'a peaceful, negotiated solution to the conflict in Afghanistan'.

Sources had told Reuters that a US-Taliban peace deal could be signed this month if the Taliban significantly reduces violence, which could lead to an eventual withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

An agreement on a major troop withdrawal would be a boost for Trump, who has repeatedly promised to stop "endless wars", as he seeks re-election.

Esper declined to comment on whether the USA would cease counterterrorism operations during any period of reduced violence, saying talks were ongoing.

A third Afghan official said the United States has agreed in principle to a deal, but that it would not be signed until the Taliban could demonstrate a reduction in violence (RIV).

While U.S. and Taliban negotiators pressed on with meetings in Doha, the Taliban and the Afghan government also reported fighting on the ground in the previous 24 hours.

The long-anticipated peace deal between the United States and the Taliban will reportedly be signed on February 29, putting an end to the 19-year-old war.

Without giving any clear timetable, Esper only said "progress has been on this front, and we have more to report on that soon". "We have the basis for one on the table and we are asking for a hard look at it".

The final details were hammered out in recent days by United States special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban representatives in Doha, Qatar.

"I think there's a good chance that we'll have a deal ..."

"We're at a pivotal point in this process, because the two sides are now closer than they've ever been before to a deal".

Taliban officials say they have already given their list of thousands of insurgents being held in Afghan prisons.

Munich will also host US lawmakers, to include South Carolina Republican Sen.

US officials have brushed aside claims that a Taliban ultimatum forced their hand.

It led to moving scenes such as Afghans sharing ice cream with Taliban fighters and snapping selfies.

"Frankly, this is probably going to be a simpler step than what comes next, which is the intra-Afghan dialogue piece, which is going to be quite complicated", Pakistani U.S. Ambassador Asad Khan said recently.

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