Watch The First Teaser Trailer For Stranger Things 4

Watch The First Teaser Trailer For Stranger Things 4

Watch The First Teaser Trailer For Stranger Things 4

Yes, all the speculation that the "American" mentioned in the final moments of Season 3 referred to an actually-still-alive Hopper is bang on the money.

At the end of Stranger Things season 3, there is a moment when two men who are in charge at the prison are talking, and they say, "No, not the American", while walking through their jail.

The trailer for the upcoming fourth season of "Stranger Things" has dropped, and the new Russian Federation setting seems to have inspired the filmmakers to go for all of the cliches they can think of.

"The writers really made us mourn Hopper and ugly cry over his letter to Eleven before revealing he's alive today", tweeted another fan.

Hold onto your butts, Stranger Things fans.

Although it's not all good news for our "America", he is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human... and other.

The clip, which Netflix has dubbed "From Russia with Love" after the James Bond movie, features Russian captives forced to work on a railroad in freezing temperatures.

We can't spoil something Netflix already spoiled can we?

In case you haven't guessed, it's none other than the former police chief of Hawkins, Indiana, Jim Hopper (David Harbour) - and he sure doesn't look too happy. (Or, for that matter, how Hopper survived going through that portal and why it spat him back out in Russia.) Will we see Finn and his friends take a field trip, or will the season cut back and forth between these two storylines? "In the meantime-- pray for the American". Why did Hopper lose all his hair?

As yet, there's no word premiere date for the fourth season of Stranger Things, but the first three seasons are now available to stream on Netflix.

Creators The Duffer Brothers released a teaser video of Hopper's character doing hard labor in the snow.

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