Fulfill Your Cybertruck Fantasies With This Hot Wheels RC Car

Fulfill Your Cybertruck Fantasies With This Hot Wheels RC Car

Fulfill Your Cybertruck Fantasies With This Hot Wheels RC Car

There will be two versions of the toy auto available, one is a 1:64 scale model of the original Cybertruck, and the other a much larger 1:10 scale version.

Now this scale version will be much more affordable. That is fairly spectacular, although if you'd like one thing smaller and extra cheap, they have you coated there as nicely.

According to the company, this model is already sold out.

It would seem there is a real market for this.

As far as pricing goes, folks looking to purchase the 1:64 scale Cybertruck will have to actually pay four times the amount they would need to spend on a reservation for an actual IRL Cybertruck-$400 versus $100. Accessible in a limited-edition 1:10 scale mannequin and 1:64 mannequin.

So, what is so good about them?

Hot Wheels
The 1:64 scale RC Cybertruck. Image Mattel

The Mattel website calls the toys "design prototypes" and says final production design, colours and textures may vary. That is proper of us, # Nation is offered each Wednesday and Friday bringing you one of the best breakdowns of the week's largest information from Kofi Outlaw, Matt Aguilar, Janell Wheeler & the remainder of the employees on the website.

That means the headlights, the taillights and the telescopic tailgate which slides right out of the back into a loading ramp are also real and operable. You can also drive in the Chill and Sport speed modes, traveling at 25 miles per hour in all-wheel drive.

"Ultimately, the Tesla Model Y will have more demand than probably all the other cars of Tesla combined".

Apparently, should you so desire, you can also lift off the bodywork to see how it all works underneath there. The most inspired touch, though, has to be the removable sticker that mimics the famous shattered window from the actual truck's debut.

And they may give hobbyists a little bit of a preview of the Tesla Cybertruck - both were designed with help from the electric vehicle maker.

Both toys are available to preorder now and will ship from December.

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