Korea reports 1st virus death, warns of community transmission

Korea reports 1st virus death, warns of community transmission

Korea reports 1st virus death, warns of community transmission

The amount of cases in South Korea could be set to soar once again as an additional 52 churchgoers have been reported to be showing symptoms of infection. Health authorities will also check all pneumonia patients in Daegu hospitals, he said.

The woman is also believed to have contaminated another person at the hospital. Her body was cremated.

"(There has been) no case of the outbreak of coronavirus", Han told Reuters.

Some 2,130 people have died.


"I'm sure COVID-19 will have more learning lessons for us to improve where we can spot weaknesses or loopholes, so that step by step we can be better prepared to prevent a disease X from ravaging our people.


Western health experts said infections could be going undetected in the country with a population of 25 million.

Pyongyang's Rodong Sinmun said Thursday the country "fortunately, has not one case of infection".

Already among the world's most closed-off states, North Korea has stopped flights and train services with neighbors, set up month-long mandatory quarantines, suspended global tourism and imposed a near-complete lockdown on cross-border travel in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

North Korea has cancelled the Pyongyang Marathon - its biggest tourist money-spinner of the year - because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, tour companies said Friday. All these tests came up negative, said WHO.

South Korea is reporting more than 100 infections at a time when the North continues to claim zero patients of COVID-19.

The current death toll in South Korea stands at one.

North Korean and World Health Organization officials were due to meet in Geneva later on Wednesday to discuss preparedness. As of yesterday, there were unofficial reports that this was an accident. Another 271 cases were reported in prisons in Hubei - where the virus first emerged in December in its now locked-down capital, Wuhan. North Korea's health system can't identify many diseases, let alone contain them, according to Choi.

On Friday, South Korea declared that the southeastern city of Daegu and its adjacent county Cheongdo are "special care zones" as a cluster of coronavirus cases has been reported there in recent days. The ease with which Chinese can enter North Korea, both legally and illegally, has heightened fears Chinese have spread the virus far inside North Korea by now.

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