Quiz: Which Love is Blind couple are you?

Quiz: Which Love is Blind couple are you?

Quiz: Which Love is Blind couple are you?

The premiere of "Love Is Blind" has coincided with Netflix's new "top 10 shows" feature, ranking the popularity of shows on the service - and the reality series has been at the top.

Is that even allowed?

Drinking from a glass of red wine, Jessica lowered her glass down to the floor and her dog drank thirstily from it.

Executive producers of "Love Is Blind" are Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, Ally Simpson, Eric Detwiler and Brian Smith.

What did I just see? Without ever having seen them. One wrote: "Started watching Love is Blind and I'm at a loss for words". The second half of he series followed the couples as they planned their wedding day and got to know each other in person. To viewers horror, she puts the glass to her dog's mouth so the pup can sip from it.

Jessica seems to love and care for Payton and likely doesn't realise that grapes - from which wine is produced - can be toxic for dogs, whose livers also aren't equipped to process alcohol.

'Love is Blind was already insane but then crazy ass Jessica casually feeds her dog wine from her own glass!?

Netflix viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust and not just that Jessica continued to drink her wine after a dog had stuck its tongue in her glass. Like no wonder she's f***ing insane she sharing spit and DNA slobber with a full on golden retriever.

He told OprahMag that he "100 percent" wants more made. The effects of alcohol can also leave a dog feeling frightened and distressed.

Fans of reality TV coupling competitions might be lamenting the fact that the final episode of Netflix's Love Is Blind premieres this week, but fear not: There's more drama ahead.

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