LEGO and Nintendo reveal new Super Mario product line [News]

LEGO and Nintendo reveal new Super Mario product line [News]

LEGO and Nintendo reveal new Super Mario product line [News]

LEGO Super Mario will let kids build physical "levels" out of the playsets, and then guide an electronic Lego recreation of Mario himself through their homespun worlds, collecting coins, bashing question blocks, and beating baddies. So for the Lego Super Mario project, Nintendo and Lego wanted to create a new style of play that's different from either conventional Lego sets or video games.

Super Mario LEGO is slated to go on sale later this year. The Mario figure collects coins, has a timer and can be hurt by factors within the environment.

Lego teased the announcement on March 10 (often colloquially known as Mario Day, thanks to its Mar. 10 abbreviation), and revealed a full video today (March 12).

As I noted in the previous article, the LEGO and Super Mario brands are a great fit together, both bursting with colour, fun, nostalgia, positivity and creativity. There's even a Yoshi. Check out Nintendo's official video (below) to see it in action.

Certain combinations can increase your coin score, and this is where there's really a game as such - someone creates a level, and you see if you can eke as many coins out of the setup in the time as possible.

The coolest part of LEGO Mario is its ability to react to the playsets itself.

And they hope that the simplicity of building in Lego with video game goals in mind could help foster budding video game designers.

LEGO Super Mario Sets, Release Date Unfortunately, we don't know any specific release date for LEGO Super Mario just yet, other than a planned release of this year. While a piranha plant is very much intended to be a piranha plant in these sets, and the rotating platform shown in the video teaser is meant to be that as well, builders can ultimately decide for themselves when and how Mario will come into facing off with these elements in between the start and end of a level.

On the left, we can see some lava/fire pieces, including a Lava Bubble enemy.

You can also bet that it's going to be hella expensive.

Bowser Jr sits atop his castle tower - we're guessing that will be a set option of its own.

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