Justin Trudeau Announces Shut Down of Canadian Borders to Stop Coronavirus

Justin Trudeau Announces Shut Down of Canadian Borders to Stop Coronavirus

Justin Trudeau Announces Shut Down of Canadian Borders to Stop Coronavirus

Justin Trudeau calls their actions aggressive but needed.

Canada's border closure takes effect March 18 for anyone who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or a US citizen, with some exceptions including diplomats and airline crews.

Asked why US citizens were exempt, Trudeau said the close bilateral integration meant the United States was in a different category from other nations.

Those are Vancouver International Airport, Calgary International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport and Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

"Airlines will receive a formal order to ban all travellers presenting symptoms from getting on an airplane". It said judges would decide today whether to proceed with jury trials.

"Getting through this will involve making many hard decisions in response to this crisis over the next several months". "If you're overseas, it's time for you to come home", Trudeau said.

"It's time to take every precaution to keep people safe".

In addition to this border closure, all travelers, including Canadian citizens, who are exhibiting symptoms will be denied access when boarding flights, Trudeau said during a press conference on Monday.

The provincial government is also asking people holding weddings, receptions and funerals to limit numbers - with Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec's public health director, telling people to avoid funerals altogether if they're sick.

As of Monday morning, Canada had reported 324 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The government is taking this step because it has determined that "exceptional circumstances" warrant it, said Trudeau.

Those who have returned from worldwide trips are being asked to self-isolation for 14 days.

Trudeau said on Sunday that stricter border measures and worldwide flight restrictions were on the table.

Sartor said he expected "significant improvements" on screening in the days to come.

Trudeau also warned that "all Canadians, as much as possible, should stay home" to help stop the virus from spreading.

Based on screenshots of the new questions shared by CBSA, among what passengers will be asked is: "Do you now have a cough, difficulty breathing, or feel you have a fever?" They will also require arrivals to acknowledge that they're being asked to self-isolate.

Ontario's Superior Court of Justice announced it will suspend operations starting on Tuesday, postponing all but the most urgent trials.

Sartor would not rule out the possibility of layoffs moving forward.

Canada's official opposition, the Conservative Party, issued a statement Monday calling on the Liberals to have a stronger response to COVID-19.

"I do not see a scenario in which airports close completely".

Health officials say they have found about 350 cases of Covid-19 across all 10 provinces. However, 77 people in the USA have died of complications of coronavirus.

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