Do Not Take Ibuprofen for COVID-19 Symptoms

Do Not Take Ibuprofen for COVID-19 Symptoms

Do Not Take Ibuprofen for COVID-19 Symptoms

"The Medical University of Vienna published a statement stating that no study had taken place and the voice and text messages were" fake news".

This story is far from unique.

In this February 19, 2013 file photo, hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen pills, also known as Vicodin, are arranged for a photo at a pharmacy in Montpelier, Vermont.

But the discussion around the use of ibuprofen during the COVID-19 pandemic has continued.

Furthermore, WHO also stated that ibuprofen and paracetamol should not be used for self medication because it may mask the symptoms of Covid-19. "Until there is evidence, there is no reason at all to be issuing public health guidance" about non-sterooidal anti-inflammatory drugs and the coronavirus.

France's health minister Olivier Véran tweeted on Saturday a warning against using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, as they might worsen the disease.

Worries over the use of ibuprofen appear to have surfaced in France, after Jean-Louis Montastruc, a doctor at Toulouse University Hospital warned on Twitter that: "In this period of coronavirus, it is necessary to remember the risk of complications of the NSAIDs in case of fever or infection". "If you are already taking anti-inflammatory drugs or in case of doubt, ask your doctor for advice". "We are also consulting with physicians treating COVID-19 patients and are not aware of reports of any negative effects of Ibuprofen, beyond the usual known side effects that limit its use in certain populations".

"As a reminder, the remedy of badly ventilated pain or fever with COVID19 or some other respiratory virosis relies on paracetamol".

Dr. Carlos del Rio, a professor of infectious diseases and global health at Emory University's Department of Medicine, agrees. Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drug under various brands had treaded cautiously but maintained that there was no scientific evidence which could prove that the drug aggravates the condition of COVID-19 patients.

"When starting treatment for fever or pain in COVID-19, patients and healthcare professionals should consider all available treatment options" including ibuprofen and related drugs, as well as paracetamol, the most widely used painkiller.

"We do not now believe there is any proven scientific evidence linking over-the-counter use of ibuprofen to the aggravation of Covid-19".

The World Health Organization has since said it is not recommending against the drug because there is a lack of research around it.

"However, the organization stated that antibiotics" just work on bacterial diseases ".

"WHO is helping to accelerate research and development efforts with a range or partners".

According to France 24 and Science Alert, Véran warned people not to use the common painkiller in response to a March 11 letter in The Lancet that hypothesized using ibuprofen could potentially make the disease worse when used to treat those with diabetes and hypertension. "The sensible thing to do for the moment would be not to take it - to take paracetamol or something else".

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