Overwatch New Hero "Echo" Coming Soon, Story Trailer Released

Overwatch New Hero

Overwatch New Hero "Echo" Coming Soon, Story Trailer Released

For those who don't know already, Echo is a damage hero but given the fact that she has a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence function and her Duplication Ultimate, the character can play multiple roles when in combat. Check out Echo's origin story short below. Designed as one of the flagship heroes of a game that would never see the light of day, she wielded particle beams and shields while augmenting her movements with a speed boost. Echo even replicated Liao's voice. After Overwatch's disbandment, Echo was placed in the care of the USA government before the Deadlock Gang attempted to steal her - which is where the animated short Reunion fits in, and McCree saves Echo who then rejoins Overwatch.

As Blizzard tweeted, Echo represents the "cutting edge of technology" and was created by Dr Mina Liao, one of the six founding members of the worldwide task force Overwatch, and also the one responsible for building the omnic robots.

"And so, she created me", says Echo. In the "Zero Hour" trailer, Echo is seen flying through the skies and raining down ammunition into the enemies below. Yesterday, Overwatch's Twitter account released an image of a log entry by Dr. Mina Liao, an original founding member of Overwatch, and creator of the Athena prototype. Medical support, construction, piloting - Echo could do anything except important independent decision making.

Blizzard - Overwatch Sigma was revealed as Overwatch Hero 31 last July.

Echo has a couple special abilities which give her an unique DPS role, which is different than previous heroes. This ability could be Echo's ultimate or a regular ability. Fans do tend to fixate on the former category, since it gives them something to speculate about. We haven't heard anything about her and her technological creations and experiments since early 2016. "With Tracer for example, she gets a lot of pulse bombs, if you don't die of course", Jeff added. This hasn't been shared by Blizzard yet, and there's no guarantee we will get much in the way of warning.

Overwatch might have its latest hero named Echo!

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