Italy tightens lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak

Italy tightens lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak

Italy tightens lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak

The Lombardy region situated in northern Italy is closely coordinating with the mayors of the municipalities hit by coronavirus pandemic to put together a list of requests to send to the government.

"Our sacrifice in staying home is minimum compared to that of other citizens trying to keep the nation well and functioning", he said in a Facebook address. Earlier Saturday, Health Minister Roberto Speranza appealed to Italians to observe the lockdown rules which have been further tightened.

"All people should be staying at home in quarantine".

The Trump administration upgraded its warning to Americans against all global travel, and the State Department announced new restrictions on issuing passports to U.S. citizens.

More than 4,000 people have died in Italy in the month since a 78-year-old builder from the Lombardy region of Milan became the first known European fatality of Covid-19.

A look at the number of new cases that Italy has reported each day suggests the country is far from controlling its outbreak - its epidemic curve still looks like a steep staircase.

On Thursday, Italy's death toll overtook China's, where the virus originated. Before Friday, it had never recorded more than 475 fatalities in a single day.

Thailand reported its highest daily rise in cases, taking its total to almost 600, while Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia have also reported a spike after numbers had plateaued earlier.

"Maybe the peak won't come next week, but the week after", the agency's chief, Angelo Borrelli, told Rai radio.

Lockdown measures in Italy have done little to stem the outbreak and the government announced the closure of all non-essential factories.

Officials are especially anxious by the situation in Milan, Lombardy's capital and Italy's second city.

This is more deaths than reported in mainland China, . where the death toll stands at 3-thousand 2-hundred-45.

As announced on March 21 the Italian authorities for the past day in the country nearly 20% increase in the number of victims of coronavirus - killed 793 people. Eighty of the patients were in intensive care. "I am extremely anxious by what is happening..."

Although the illness is mild in most people, the elderly are particularly susceptible to serious symptoms.

In total, more than 900 million people in about 35 countries are affected by movement restrictions.

According to the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin, in a telephone call with the Italian Prime Minister Conte, promised to provide Italy with protective equipment, mobile disinfection systems and medical equipment.

However, the national mood has grown gloomier this week as the death toll has risen inexorably.

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