Parliament to reconvene on Tuesday to pass COVID-19 measures

Parliament to reconvene on Tuesday to pass COVID-19 measures

Parliament to reconvene on Tuesday to pass COVID-19 measures

The health minister referred to the powers mandated in the Federal Quarantine Act, which has measures that could include arrests, as well as "monetary penalties up to and including criminal penalties".

In Ontario, gatherings of over 50 people have been outlawed, and the province has banned people from a majority of public spaces.

People were "blatantly disregarding" public health demands to stay apart, crowding beaches, parks, playing street hockey, he said.

"There are reasons why provinces might want to do that and they are fair reasons", she said. But if that fails the federal government will step in. "We can't necessarily bring everyone back but we will do as much as we can". The federal government will ensure that essential products will continue to flow into the Territories.

The Prime Minister ended his address by thanking the millions of Canadians who are staying at home and practicing social distancing especially children whose lives have also been drastically altered by the outbreak.

"There are many things that are being done and can be done at the local level, at the municipal level and at the provincial level".

"I think the key issue is, 'are there things that we need to be able to do as a government that we can not do with the very strong existing regulations that are in place and that our government has as tools?'"

"Asking them and recommending them and I am hoping that we don't have to get to ordering them", she said when asked what her message to Canadians is.

Ottawa said late on Saturday that 13 people had died from the respiratory illness caused by the virus, but by 9 a.m. ET (1300 GMT) on Sunday that number had grown to 19. "If you go there you are trespassing and your vehicles will be towed", McNeil said.

Village Media will update as more information is available. Health Canada approved two test kits that would be able to turn results around within hours instead of days, as an example, he said. "We've already been engaged with industry on production and ramping up capacity to build and create more equipment", he said. A handful of legislators will be present, since only 20 Parliamentarians are needed to conduct business.

"We've announced new funding to help people borrow up to $5,000 to return to Canada or to cover their needs while waiting to come home", he said.

Trudeau promised more financial aid in the coming days and weeks.

Potential flights will also be sent to Peru and Spain.

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