Minnesota police at scene of bank robbery with hostages

Minnesota police at scene of bank robbery with hostages

Minnesota police at scene of bank robbery with hostages

Law enforcement officials initially said an unspecified number of hostages were being held by a male suspect.

Seconds later someone appeared to open the bank's front door and throw a wad of cash outside.

A standoff at a St. Cloud, Minnesota, bank ended Thursday night around 10:30pm after starting nearly nine hours earlier.

Three women and a man were released from a Wells Fargo Bank branch in St. Cloud, according to authorities.

Wells Fargo in a statement earlier confirmed the hostage situation and said it was fully cooperating with authorities. Around 7:00, a second hostage, also a woman came out.

Police in Minnesota are responding to an active hostage situation inside a Wells Fargo bank.

Negotiators continued to work with the man, at one point, appearing to bring him pizza.

Several hours into the standoff, the first hostage freed, a woman wearing a face mask, ran out toward armed officers with her hands up, holding a cellphone in one hand. He was seen being led away unharmed and in handcuffs at 10:27 p.m. The chief said investigators were continuing to sweep the bank for evidence. "And so we actually will be reaching out to those victims here in the very near future to offer them some debriefing services".

The motive was not known at the time of the press conference and, according to Anderson, police are still investigating whether the hostages were being held at gunpoint. Other charges on his record include obstruction of justice and making terroristic threats.

McNeary was booked into the Stearns County Jail. Those charges could come as soon as today.

Dene Dryden contributed to this report.

Armored vehicles positioned in the Burlington parking lot next to the Wells Fargo Bank where a hostage situation was in progress on May 6th, 2021.

The outlet said a crowd of "a couple hundred" people had gathered across the street from the bank to watch the situation unfold.

The bank first called 911 out of concern for the safety of employees and patrons over a customer who was upset, Anderson said.

The third of five hostages exits the Wells Fargo along 33rd Ave. It turned into a hostage situation, and over the course of a few hours, five employees were released, some of whom escaped on their own, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

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