Judge postpones trial for three ex-cops in George Floyd case

Judge postpones trial for three ex-cops in George Floyd case

Judge postpones trial for three ex-cops in George Floyd case

In a six-page ruling dated Tuesday, District Court Judge Peter Cahill found that prosecutors had shown there were four aggravating factors in the death of Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man.

A Minnesota judge has ruled that the white former police officer convicted of the murder of African American George Floyd abused his authority and acted with "particular cruelty", paving the way for a potentially longer sentence.

"It was particularly cruel to kill George Floyd slowly by preventing his ability to breathe when Mr. Floyd had already made it clear he was having trouble breathing", Cahill said.

Attorneys for Floyd's family applauded Cahill's ruling.

A jury found Chauvin, 45, guilty of second and third-degree murder and manslaughter after hearing three weeks of testimony in a highly publicized trial.

In the federal charges, Kueng and Thao are accused of failing to intervene to stop Chauvin from pressing his knee onto Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes on the asphalt a year ago.

Chauvin's sentencing is scheduled for June 25.

Cahill, who presided over the trial, will also sentence Chauvin. He said prosecutors did not prove that Floyd was particularly vulnerable, noting that even though he was handcuffed, he was able to struggle with officers who were trying to put him in a squad auto.

But Cahill said one of the other officers twice checked Floyd's pulse and told Chauvin he detected none, while another officer suggested rolling Floyd to his side and said he was passing out.

"I know we can make a better America", he said. The indictment hits Thao and Kueng with counts of failing to intervene when Chauvin had his knee on Floyd's neck for nine minutes and 20 seconds.

Chauvin's attorney, Eric Nelson, had no comment when asked for a response. He said Chauvin had legal authority to assist in Floyd's arrest and was authorized under law to use reasonable force.

In 2004, Floyd was convicted on a drug charge for an alleged sale of $10 of crack cocaine in Texas.

The trial for three former Minneapolis police officers charged by state prosecutors with aiding and abetting the murder of George Floyd has been moved to March 7, 2022, Minneapolis NBC affiliate KARE11 reports.

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