Businesses Leery of Role as 'Vaccination Police'

Businesses Leery of Role as 'Vaccination Police'

Businesses Leery of Role as 'Vaccination Police'

Now that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has changed its COVID-19 guidelines for facial coverings, businesses are faced with a choice - ask customers to ditch the mask, or continue to mandate their use?

Several large national retailers are signaling that they will still make masks mandatory.

Yes, according to Dr. Richard Besser, a pediatrician and president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The directive says for those people not fully vaccinated, they should continue to take precautions including mask wearing and avoiding indoor crowds.

The CDC and White House had been facing growing pressure to incentivize getting the COVID-19 vaccine by telling people they wouldn't have to wear a mask if they got it.

As the CDC announced the new rule, the atmosphere at the White House began to instantly change.

Vaccinated people will be required to wear masks in some settings, such as planes, trains and buses and inside airports, bus and train stations. "It gets a little trickier when going out in public with your children who aren't vaccinated".

The West Allis Farmers Market requires vendors to wear masks, and its website states masks are strongly recommended for customers.

The same mask guidance applies for vaccinated persons of all ages.

The update from Hersheypark emphasized that the mask exemption only applied to guests who have been fully vaccinated.

The CDC on Thursday said fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks or social distance in most situations. The agency considers an individual to have been fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose COVID vaccine series or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine. "So we need to look at our travel guidance, we need to look at our school guidance, our child care guidance, our camp guidance".

The White House can order face masks be worn on federal property, but elsewhere it is up to state governors to decide. "Are they now supposed to become the vaccination police?" "I think we should give it a little more time", says Derrick Moore, of Piscataway.

He added, "This has been a really hard year on everyone, but in particular on children, and we need to let kids be kids in ways that are safe".

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