Biden honors fallen service members on Memorial Day

Biden honors fallen service members on Memorial Day

Biden honors fallen service members on Memorial Day

It was Biden's second Memorial Day address for the weekend, a marker of how significant the holiday is to him.

Outside Washington, to coincide with the holiday, flags are placed by the headstones at Arlington National Cemetery and at numerous other national cemeteries across the country, where many who served in the US military are buried.

Following the ceremony at around 10:30 am EST, Mr. Biden will address the 153rd National Memorial Ceremony. The U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley are also expected to deliver remarks.

"As a nation, we must always remember - always remember", Biden said Sunday.

Beau Biden had served a year-long tour in Iraq as a member of the Delaware Army National Guard, and the president has speculated that toxins from military "burn pits" used to dispose waste there may have caused the cancer.

Memorial Day weekend, a long and important moment for Biden, was even more devastating this year as the president spoke frequently and emotionally about his loss, expressing public appreciation for the sacrifices of others. became.

He urged patriotism, saying there's a struggle, "between "me first" and 'We the people'".

He thanked military families who have lost loved ones in the line of service.

The tent was overhead, but the cold wind blew the rain over the guests. Biden appeared to pay the chill no mind, remaining for the entirety of the 75-minute ceremony and mouthing the words to the closing rendition of "God Bless America". When it was time, he salutes the wreath on the monument.

Biden had attended the ceremony almost every year for decades, and it was at last year's event when he emerged for the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, spotted with a mask while laying a wreath.

The president remembered his son on the sixth anniversary of his death on Sunday. After the service, the Bidens greeted well-wishers outside the church and, for the first time in more than a year, were able to receive warm hugs and handshakes at their home parish.

Memorial Day, established after the US Civil War in the 1860s, is marked by laying flowers and American flags on the graves of the military dead.

On Sunday, Biden commended armed service members in Memorial Day remarks Sunday, calling those in uniform the "solid spine of this country" at an annual Memorial Day Service at Veterans Memorial Park in New Castle, Delaware. "Here on these gentle rolling green hills and across America and around the globe lie buried the heroes of the greatest experiment the world has ever known, ever seen", Biden said at Arlington National Cemetery.

"The American creed is the connective tissue that binds us", Biden said.

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