Lobster diver survives brief entrapment inside whale's mouth

Lobster diver survives brief entrapment inside whale's mouth

Lobster diver survives brief entrapment inside whale's mouth

"All of a sudden, I felt this huge shove and the next thing I knew it was completely black", Packard, a longtime lobster diver, told the Cape Cod Times.

A man was diving for lobster Friday when he says he was swallowed by a humpback whale. "So I have every reason to believe that what they say is true", she told AFP.

Michael Packard, 56, recovers in a Cape Cod hospital after being swallowed by a humpback whale Friday off the coast of MA.

"I was in his closed mouth for about 30 to 40 seconds before he rose to the surface and spit me out".

"I was completely inside; it was completely black", Packard said.

A lobster diver was swallowed whole by a hungry humpback whale - but lived to tell the tale because the creature didn't like how he tasted, and spat him back out.

"I couldn't believe I got out of that", he said.

Packard was pulled out of the water by a crewmate, rushed ashore, and taken to a nearby hospital.

It was nearly worse being conscious and breathing because Packard knew he'd be alive to experience a very agonyzing end.

Charles "Stormy" Mayo, a senior scientist and whale expert at the Centre for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, told the newspaper that such human-whale encounters are rare.

"We don't really see humpback whales doing anything like this normally", Robbins told CNN. "My second thought was for how injured I was".

Robbins said she guessed the whale might have been eating sand lace, a small fish, and mistakenly scooped up Packard possibly due to the way their vision can be obstructed when they open their mouths to feed.

She added that Packard was unlikely to have been swallowed, as, despite their massive mouths, their throats aren't large enough for a person to fit through.

The harbour is a popular area for boaties.

Mayo said his son, Josiah, is the captain on Packard's boat, responsible for tracking the diver's movements by his air bubbles.

Mayo, like Robbins, could not recall a similar situation in which a diver ended up in a humpback's mouth.

The story says Packard's fishing mate Josiah Mayo "saw the explosion of water as the whale surfaced and Packard was ejected", but doesn't include any quotes attributed to him.

"He must have kept his cool", Mayo said.

"He's a smart guy, he's a tough guy, and he's a lucky guy".

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