Anna Morgan-Lloyd, Indiana grandmother, sentenced in Capitol riot

Anna Morgan-Lloyd, Indiana grandmother, sentenced in Capitol riot

Anna Morgan-Lloyd, Indiana grandmother, sentenced in Capitol riot

In the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Wednesday, Anna Morgan Lloyd of IN was sentenced to three years of probation, 120 hours of community service, and was ordered to pay $500 IN restitution.

Morgan, 49, of the state of IN, pleaded guilty to one count of parading, demonstrating, or picketing IN a captiol building, the report said on Wednesday.

Ms. Morgan-Lloyd reportedly told the judge during sentencing that she is "ashamed that it became a savage display of violence that day". "And I would have never been there if I had a clue it was going to turn out that way", Lloyd said, according to the AP. She admitted she was in the building for 10 minutes, but said she did no damage. From the outset of the sprawling prosecution that ensued, investigators have sought to treat these suspects differently from those who kicked down doors or shattered windows or who attacked police officers with weapons like ax handles, hockey sticks, flagpoles, bear spray and batons.

Before receiving her sentence, Morgan-Lloyd tearfully apologized to the court for participating in what she called a "disgraceful" day.

Morgan-Lloyd's sentence could indicate there might be variation in other defendants' punishments, depending on the charges against them and their levels of cooperation.

She did not face any major charges for her role. "It was never my intent to help empower people to act violently", she said. While some Republican politicians have played down the Capitol attack, Ms. Morgan-Lloyd submitted a statement to the court saying that she was "ashamed" of her behavior and suggesting that her relatively peaceful part in the breach allowed others to do worse. Had she done so, violent participants "may have lost the nerve to do what they did", wrote the 49-year-old grandmother, per the Indianapolis Star.

Under a deal with prosecutors, the government dropped three other misdemeanour charges against Morgan-Lloyd as she "did not personally engage in physical violence against law enforcement or destroy any government property". "People of all colors should feel as safe as I do to walk down the street".

Trump repeated it in front of a crowd on 6 January, just before many of them overran the seat of the U.S. legislature in a stunning, chaotic and violent scene that left five people dead.

As of Thursday, at least 525 people have been charged over the Capitol riot.

A friend who accompanied Lloyd to the Capitol later posted multiple photos on Facebook, with one caption reading, "Inside Capitol Building". Ms. Morgan-Lloyd responded with a comment that read, "That was the most exciting day of my life". She made a deal with prosecutors and plead guilty to one count of picketing in the Capitol on June 15, according to court filings. Lamberth said he was giving Lloyd a "break" even though "legally" he could sentence her to six months in prison, the AP reported.

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