Ocon: Verstappen "wanted to punch me"

Ocon: Verstappen

Ocon: Verstappen "wanted to punch me"

Lewis Hamilton inherited the Brazilian Grand Prix lead when Max Verstappen was tipped into a spin.

"I don't want to go on this level". "It was just the situation that I had to push, which was quite unusual for the out-lap, but these things can happen". "It was not professional". "It goes back a few years, so no", he said.

Ocon hit back at Verstappen taking the incident further, telling broadcaster Sky F1: "What I'm really surprised of is the behaviour of Max. I'm happy with second, but we should have won today".

"I think that's a coincidence, I don't believe there was any instruction", Horner said.

Esteban Ocon: "I was two laps behind Max". He's always been the same.

During the Brazilian Grand Prix, Ocon ran into Verstappen when the Dutchman was trying to lap him, spinning both cars around in the process.

Ocon claimed he was within his rights to unlap himself under pressure from Verstappen after switching to faster supersoft tyres.

"I hope I can not find him now in the paddock", said a livid Verstappen, whose further TV comments were bleeped out. "I think it was just a very bad judgement call by Ocon - he's a lap down, he's not even in the points, and he's racing the race leader!"

Hamilton celebrated his win and his team's title with samba dancers on the podium.

It was also the first time he had won a late-season race after winning the drivers' title.

Current weather forecasts predict a small chance of rain before the race, but cloudy conditions and warmer temperatures during the two-hour window.

Hamilton exploded with emotion on reaching parc ferme after his victory, the Briton leaping up over the barriers to embrace his Mercedes team crew. Hamilton, in front, pulled clear by 1.9 seconds before the Dutchman, oozing confidence, began trimming that lead.

Verstappen pitted late and emerged third but quickly caught up to Hamilton again on his newer tyres, passing him for the lead and building up a sizeable lead.

Vettel pitted after 28 laps and was clearly struggling.

Verstappen got every last drop out of his supersofts before switching to the soft compound and it looked like victory was assured, but Ocon threw a spanner into the mix on lap 44. His grip and pace remained impressive and he soon breezing past the Englishman on the straight. So many backmarkers try to race you. Ocon was given a stop-go penalty for the incident, cold comfort for Verstappen as Hamilton was able to hold his leadheld on to the flag.

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