Trump threatens 'very long' U.S. government shutdown, United States News & Top Stories

Trump threatens 'very long' U.S. government shutdown, United States News & Top Stories

Trump threatens 'very long' U.S. government shutdown, United States News & Top Stories

Democrats have already made clear they will not support $5 billion for the wall, and any spending measure would need bipartisan support to pass in the Senate.

House GOP leaders had emerged from a meeting with the President at the White House earlier in the day saying that Trump had told them he would not accept the stopgap measure passed by the Senate, which did not include the border wall funding he wanted. House Republicans were confident the new bill would be passed.

McConnell says the bill is neither "radical" nor hard to explain.

Trump, who has taken to redefining his proposed border wall as a series of steel-slatted fencing akin to much of the existing barrier, on Friday argued that a wall could do the job of sealing the border better than advanced technology.

Scrambling to keep up with the president, Republicans in the House of Representatives late on Thursday passed a remade spending bill with $5.7bn for Trump's wall built in. Speaker Ryan, Leader McCarthy have cynically put it on the floor of the House knowing it can't pass the Senate.

Changing the rules of the United States Senate to end the filibuster will require a 51-vote majority agreeing to the changes. A simple majority is now used for judicial and executive nominations but does not apply to most legislation.

Leader McConnell has used the Nuclear Option for judicial appointments, but has been hesitant to use it for other situations. "Our Country is counting on you!"

"We have rules to follow". Congress had been on track to fund the government but lurched Thursday when Trump, after a rare lashing from conservative supporters, declared he would not sign a bill without the funding.

So what exactly will happen if the government does shut down? Conservatives want to keep fighting for the money to pay for the wall.

Before Thursday's meeting at the White House, Trump blamed Democrats for Congress' failure to approve funding for the wall, although some Republicans also oppose it. Speaking to reporters in July 2017, Mr. Trump said that the wall "has to be transparent", in order to see what is happening on the other side.

U.S. Senate passes legislation to avoid shutdown — it doesn’t include $5B in border wall money
Senates Passes Stopgap Spending Measure in Hopes of Averting Shutdown

McConnell has previously resisted the rules change.

The temporary funding bill would keep government running to February 8, but some House Republicans say it's better to fight for the border wall now, before they relinquish their majority to Democrats in the new year.

The government has until midnight to vote on a new spending plan.

"In terms of wall funding, that's a non-starter", said top Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Ryan's likely successor as speaker when Democrats reclaim the majority on January 3.

"This is our only chance that we'll ever have, in our opinion, because of the world and the way it breaks out, to get great border security", Trump said Friday at the White House.

Some Republicans senators cheered on the House, but prospects in the Senate are grim amid strong opposition from Democrats. And it's probably going to be rejected by senators.

Rep. Warren Davidson, an Ohio Republican and House Freedom Caucus member, said some Republicans want to "continue to fight for wins we promised the American people we would get". The deadline for a deal is at midnight.

Furloughs: Meanwhile, more than 380,000 government employees could be placed on furlough-meaning they would be forced to stop working and receive no pay.

They include workers at the Departments of Justice, Agriculture and Transportation, as well as at several smaller agencies.

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