US Senator Threatens Maduro With 'Swift, Severe' Consequences if Guaido Harmed

US Senator Threatens Maduro With 'Swift, Severe' Consequences if Guaido Harmed

US Senator Threatens Maduro With 'Swift, Severe' Consequences if Guaido Harmed

He also said the organization of American states and the Colombian government - along with the USA - stand together with the people of Venezuela.

Mr Pons' fellow Spaniards Jose Ignacio Salafranca and Gabriel Mato Adrover, as well as Esther de Lange of the Netherlands and Paulo Rangel of Portugal, were also expelled.

Guaido wrote on Twitter the lawmakers had been "deported by an isolated and increasingly irrational regime". Guaidó and Maduro are locked in a standoff for control of Venezuela, an oil-rich country whose economy has crumbled in recent years.

The military has blocked the USA from moving tons of humanitarian aid airlifted in recent days to the Colombian border with Venezuela.

Amid growing tensions in Venezuela over the future of the country's leadership, President Donald Trump will speak in South Florida to lobby support for National Assembly President Juan Guaido, who the USA has recognized as the nation's leader despite current President Nicolas Maduro's claim to the throne.

Venezuela suffers from shortages of food medicine and other daily necessities and also has the worst inflation rate in the world. Through the months-long crisis, the military has largely remained loyal to Maduro.

Guaido says he has a plan to bring the aid into the country on February 23 and will release the details Monday. Large containers and overturned trucks are said to be blocking supplies from entering.

Maduro says the aid is a "publicity show" and a pretext for a US-led invasion.

"Venezuela is preparing for the humanitarian avalanche", Mr Guaido told about 4,000 supporters clad in white T-shirts and green scarves who gathered Saturday to sign up as volunteers.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in turn, cautioned U.S. officials against politicising humanitarian assistance and delivering aid without the consent of local authorities.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., traveled to Cucuta, Colombia, a city near the Venezuelan border where aid is supposed to flow into the crisis-stricken nation.

Speaking in Spanish, Rubio warned that blocking the entry of US food would amount to a "crime against humanity" and those responsible would spend "the rest of their lives hiding from justice".

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