Britain yet to decide on 5G security policy

Britain yet to decide on 5G security policy

Britain yet to decide on 5G security policy

"And it is proving its worth", he said.

Huawei is now under intense scrutiny amid fears its technology could be used for spying by Chinese authorities.

While countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan, have excluded the Chinese telco from supplying components for their 5G networks, the German interior ministry told CNBC it is not ready to ban the company as "a direct exclusion of a particular 5G manufacturer is now not legally possible and not planned".

Huawei did not respond to requests for comment on Sunday.

According to Huawei Technologies Deputy Chairman of the Board and Rotating CEO Eric XU, the firm is investing at least US$2billion to enhance its software engineering capabilities as the cornerstone that enables Huawei to realize its long-term aspiration.

As some USA allies try to block Huawei's rise, the company has secured over 30 commercial 5G contracts across the world, shipping over 25,000 5G base stations globally.

Martin said no decisions have yet been made and "everything is on the table". "Contrary to some reporting no decisions have been taken".

Since 2010, the British government has operated a cybersecurity evaluation center for Huawei equipment, which Martin said was part of "the toughest and most rigorous oversight regime in the world" for the company. But recently even United Kingdom operators have been distancing themselves from the Chinese telecoms giant.

The European Union must assess the risk of using Huawei's telecoms equipment despite the absence of evidence of spying by the Chinese company, EU digital chief Andrus Ansip said on Wednesday.

One of the conditions for the use of Huawei equipment in United Kingdom networks has been oversight of its technology. Huawei said last month that it would take three to five years to fix the problems. "The two billion USA dollars would be used primarily for legacy code refactoring, training or upskilling of R&D engineers, so that in the next three to five years, Huawei can truly build products that would be trusted by governments and by customers, so as to support and sustain Huawei's long-term development.", concluded Mr. Xu.

"The company have accepted these findings and have pledged to address them, acknowledging that this will be a process of some years".

The report cited "two people familiar with the conclusion", who had been reached by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Martin said that securing 5G is going to be particularly important, given the sorts of networks dependent on it, running anything from autonomous vehicles to smart cities.

Dr Ian Levy, technical director of GCHQ's cyber arm, said the firm had declared its "intent" to deal with the problems - but it has not yet explained how it will do so. "The techniques the Russians used to target those networks were looking for weaknesses in how they were architected and how they were run".

"First, we must have higher standards of cybersecurity across the entire telecommunications sector", he said. "The market does not now incentivise good cyber security", he said. The US political, military and intelligence establishment, and not merely the Trump administration, has concluded that it can not allow Chinese technological and industrial advancement as it regards it as a threat to American global economic, and ultimately, military dominance. "No network can be totally safe".

Australia's prime minister last week blamed a "sophisticated state actor" for a cyberattack on the Australian parliament's computing network, where China has been suspected of a previous attack.

"Some politicians have turned either 5G or cyber security into political or ideological discussions, which I believe are not sustainable".

"If you've built a telecommunications network in a way that the compromise of one supplier can cause catastrophic national harm, then you've built it the wrong way", he said.

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