Samantha Josephson: father of murdered student vows to improve ridesharing safety

Samantha Josephson: father of murdered student vows to improve ridesharing safety

Samantha Josephson: father of murdered student vows to improve ridesharing safety

According to authorities, Samantha Josephson, 21, a student at the University of SC, was separated from her friends during a night out in Columbia and was just trying to make it home.

Her friends reported her missing Friday afternoon, and her body was found 70 miles away a few hours later, police said.

Investigators say they found blood in the trunk and passenger's side of the vehicle as well as the victim's cellphone in the passenger compartment. Authorities also found a container of liquid bleach, window cleaner and sanitizing wipes. He said the department's priority is to care for Josephson's family, calling his meeting with them "gut-wrenching".

Samantha's heartbroken dad, Seymour, paid tribute to his daughter on Facebook.

Police searched for the auto Josephson had gotten into before her death.

Authorities have not said what motivated him.

"The last words she said to me over FaceTime on Thursday was that I was her person, and that she loved me, and that she could truly be herself around me", her boyfriend said.

Over the weekend an officer spotted the suspect´s vehicle and arrested the driver.

Chillingly, it appears the driver slowed down to let Samantha in, despite not being the Uber she had booked. Police have now charged Rowland with the kidnapping and murder of Josephson as well as misdemeanor charges of failing to stop on police command and for simple possession of marijuana. "Skip" Holbrook said during a news conference.

Police believe her killer used the child safety locks to prevent her from escaping.

He said: "This is a homicide investigation".

"It is with tremendous sadness and of a broken heart that I post this!" "Energy doesn't die. It stays with you, and that positive energy is going to help me go on in living the rest of my life". Unlike him, Samantha had love within her heart and objective in her life, the life he brutally ended. "She was one of the brightest young stars", McMaster wrote. I sit here and cry while looking at the picture and write this.

Josephson was due to graduate this year with a degree in political science.

Josephson and his wife were planning to visit SC on Sunday to surprise their daughter - but ended up coming for a far more tragic reason, the outlet reported.

The mother of Josephson, Marci Josephson, reportedly pleaded with the judge to give Rowland a life sentence, reported CBS News.

USC President Harris Pastides, in a statement about Josephson's death, said: "Times like these leave me searching for words of wisdom and comfort".

Josephson also urged the other students at the vigil to be on guard as well - and to never travel alone at night.

School and government officials in Josephson's hometown of Robbinsville, N.J., issued statements of shock and grief. "Our thoughts, prayers, boundless grief and endless support are with Seymour, Marci and Sydney at this unimaginable time", the statement read.

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