Pregnant whale found dead with 20 kilos of plastic inside

Pregnant whale found dead with 20 kilos of plastic inside

Pregnant whale found dead with 20 kilos of plastic inside

The 8-meter-long whale was carrying a dead fetus as well as garbage bags, fishing nets, lines, tubes, a package of laundry soap which was still full and many other plastic objects that could not be identified.

"She was pregnant and had nearly certainly aborted before (she) beached".

When veterinarians and researchers from Sassari and the University of Padua opened the malnourished young female whale, they discovered not only was she pregnant, but likely unable to nourish her fetus due to the unsafe amount of plastic she had swallowed - 22 kilogrammes of plastic plates, fishing nets, tarps, black trash bags and even a sack of detergent with the label still legible.

The enormous animal washed up on the beach in Sardinia, Italy, last week and was found to have had 22 kilograms (49 pounds) of plastic in its stomach when examined by specialists.

Another sperm whale died off the Italian island of Ischia, near Naples, last December with plastic bags and a thick nylon thread in its stomach, but plastic was not the cause of death.

Italy's environment minister, Sergio Costa, pledged the country would be one of the first to enact the European single-use plastics ban and appealed to the mayors of Italian cities and coastal towns to adopt the ordinances in advance of the 2021 law. For me they are, and they are priorities'.

Large volumes of plastic have been discovered in the stomachs of other dead whales, exemplifying the widespread problem of plastic polluting the world's oceans.

Last week MEPs voted by 560 to 35 in favour of banning 10 single-use plastics including plates, balloon sticks, food and beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene and all products made of oxo-degradable plastic.

"We have been using disposable plastics in a carefree way in these years, and now we are paying the price", he said. "The war on disposable plastic has begun. And we won't stop here", Costa added.

Researchers found 88 pounds of plastic bags in the stomach of a juvenile male Cuvier's Beaked whale recovered in the Philippines last month, Fox News reported last month. "It's disgusting", the museum wrote in the post.

The World Wildlife Federation says this whale's death, and the death of other whales due to plastic waste over the past two years, shows the danger plastic poses to marine life.

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