Grasshoppers swarming through Las Vegas

Grasshoppers swarming through Las Vegas

Grasshoppers swarming through Las Vegas

"They're not even one of the species that we consider a problem. Everybody was going insane", Diana Rodriquez told KLAS on Saturday. "We were wondering like what's going on".

A wet spring in Las Vegas has spawned hordes of grasshoppers so large, they're showing up on the weather radar.

The phenomenon has earned the hashtag #GrasshopperInvasion.

Lyft driver Jessica Palmore told CNN that driving around the Strip amidst the infestation was surreal. "Never seen nothing like this ever!"

The Luxor Sky Beam, a pillar of light that rises from the Luxor Hotel, has attracted huge swarms at night, according to videos posted to Twitter. "It created a little bit of a panic epidemic because people didn't know what they were", English said. At one point, he said so many grasshoppers were swarming that customers didn't want to come out of their cars.

He told reporters the migration of adult pallid-winged grasshoppers traveling north to central Nevada could be attributed to wet weather several months ago. "They do not eat wood".

"They generally just eat weeds", Knight said.

Experts say Vegas is particularly attractive to the insects because they are attracted to ultra-violet light - and few cities light up like Sin City after dark. "You'll see the most under bright white lights at night".

They're native to the desert regions across America, and this isn't the first time we're seen them explode in numbers.

The Las Vegas branch of the National Weather Service (NWS) says it's seeing an unusually high number of radar echoes from "biological targets" in the area.

"They're moving through", he said.

"Nevada is the driest state in the United States with a statewide average annual precipitation of only 10 inches".

The city has had 4.63 inches of rain to date - much more than its usual average of 2.38 inches in the same period.

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