Doctors Find 526 Teeth in 7-Year-Old Boy’s Mouth in India

Doctors Find 526 Teeth in 7-Year-Old Boy’s Mouth in India

Doctors Find 526 Teeth in 7-Year-Old Boy’s Mouth in India

A 7-year-old from Chennai in eastern India had complained of pain and swelling in his jaw since he was 3 - but this was no normal toothache.

The boy was brought to the hospital with swelling in his lower right jaw, and he was found to be suffering from "compound composite ondontome", according to a press release from the hospital.

Medical investigation by surgeons revealed the presence of a large growth containing multiple hard structures within the jaw.

However, doctors at the college say this case may be unique because of the number of teeth involved. It took five hours of meticulous searching to remove every single extra tooth.

"We opened up the jaw after administering general anaesthesia and saw a bag/sack inside it", P Senthilnathan, a professor at Saveetha Dental College, said.

The seven-year-old child's parents initially confused it for a symptom of tooth decay.

After emptying the sac to confirm its contents, doctors discovered hundreds of teeth, all of different sizes.

A little boy is feeling a lot better after doctors removed over 500 teeth removed from his mouth. The objects varied in size, but each had a crown and root-like structures, giving them the shape of teeth. In 2014, dentists in Mumbai extracted 232 teeth from a 17-year-old, a feat doctors called a "world record" at the time.

"He may not have the two molars on his right lower jaw", Ramani said.

It's unclear what caused this to happen, but dentists believe it could be due to genetic or environmental factors, according to the Times of India.

While the surgery was performed on July 11th, the boy had completely recovered within three days and there are no scars on his face as the surgery was performed completely in the jaw, Doctors added.

Although the mass prevented the boy's permanent molar teeth from growing, the college said he will be able to get implants for those later in life.

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