Jail guards were supposed to check Jeffrey Epstein every 30 minutes

Jail guards were supposed to check Jeffrey Epstein every 30 minutes

Jail guards were supposed to check Jeffrey Epstein every 30 minutes

"Well, that information didn't die with Jeffrey Epstein".

Trump had retweeted on Saturday a message from conservative comedian and commentator Terrence K. Williams, who said in part that Epstein "had information on Bill Clinton & now he's dead". He had been denied bond in his federal case for sexually sexually abusing dozens of underage girls in NY and Florida.

A self-described "collector" of rich and powerful people, Epstein had links to a Who's Who of prominent political and business figures.

But his luxurious homes in Palm Beach, Florida, and NY hid dark secrets, according to investigations by American authorities and multiple lawsuits by alleged victims. Michael, welcome. And what more, if anything, have you been able to learn about how Epstein died?

The manner in which Epstein killed himself has not been announced. The New York Times reported that Epstein was supposed to have been checked on every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not being followed the night before he was found dead.

He had previously been moved to a suicide-watch unit after being found unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck on 23 July.

The first referred to documents unsealed on Friday showing Virginia Giuffre, who said she was Epstein's sex slave, recounting how she was told that former President Bill Clinton visited Epstein's infamous Caribbean island. Officials were investigating that incident as a possible suicide or assault. Just recently, the attorney general said that the Department of Justice would open an inquiry into what happened. "The one expectation is that Epstein's death not derail the investigation into the named and unnamed co-conspirators who still need to be brought to justice".

In a statement to The Blast, Jennifer Araoz says, "I am angry Jeffrey Epstein won't have to face his survivors of his abuse in court".

"What a lot of us want to know is, what did he know" de Blasio said. That unit has extra security.

Both Trump and Clinton have denied any inappropriate contacts with the girls; Clinton said he knew nothing about the "terrible crimes". "And also to try to force you and me and all of us to focus on his weird behavior instead of the fact that we just lost 22 people in this community, nine people in Dayton, Ohio".

"Jeffrey Epstein's victims have once again been cheated out of an opportunity for justice", said Jack Scarola, a West Palm Beach, Florida, lawyer who represents some of Epstein's victims.

The circumstances surrounding the child sex trafficking suspect's weekend death, however, remain a mystery. And there are a number of disturbing details around exactly what it is that Mr. Epstein requested these women do.

The Giuffre deposition and the other documents were released after a federal appeals court in Manhattan rejected Maxwell's bid to keep them under seal.

The cache of legal papers includes an allegation that Prince Andrew touched the breast of a young woman at one of Epstein's homes. NPR did reach out to him and a spokesperson said that, quote, "the charges are completely false".

"The coward and serial predator may have taken his own life but we shall continue to seek justice on behalf of our clients", Mr Josh Schiller, a lawyer for some of Epstein's alleged victims, said in a text message.

"The prosecution is going to be assisted by much of the evidence that they have already secured", she said.

It is not clear whether authorities put in additional safeguards to watch Epstein after the incident last month which left him almost unconscious.

GOLD: It's not entirely clear.

Barr also issued a stern warning, saying the case was far from over.

"I really wanted him to.be put in jail and have to sit there and think about what it is he exactly did to so many people", Michelle Licata told ABC's "This Week". This was very sudden.

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