Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Trump Revoking Citizenship for Military Kids

Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Trump Revoking Citizenship for Military Kids

Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Trump Revoking Citizenship for Military Kids

A new policy issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says that starting October 29, the children who are born to U.S. service members outside the country will not automatically be considered citizens.

"As of October 29, children born to USA service members outside of the US will no longer be automatically considered citizens", tweeted NBC reporter Ken Dilanian yesterday afternoon.

The Trump administration said children adopted overseas by US military personnel and government employees serving abroad will no longer be guaranteed citizenship. "This policy only affects children who were born outside the USA who are not US citizens, and does not impact birthright citizenship".

Parker added, "For them to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship, their US citizen parents must apply for citizenship on their behalf".

The change was made because of confusion related to "residency".

"What was happening and what's happening now is you get your documentation from USCIS and you can go to State Department, bring that child and they wouldn't give them a passport as a USA citizen because they weren't legally qualified as a U.S. citizen", Cuccinelli said.

It also does not mean that the children will be denied citizenship, just that parents have to submit an application. That is called birthright citizenship, and Cuccinelli said the new policy does not change that.

Plainly stated, the language clarification will only affect children born outside the USA who are not citizens.

- The children of some overseas USA military members and government employees will no longer receive automatic citizenship, the Trump administration said Wednesday in a policy alert.

But an 11-page "policy alert" issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said the agency found the prevailing policy to be at odds with other parts of federal immigration law.

"For example, let's say ... the beneficiary of birthright citizenship or the expat or whatever owns a home here but works in a foreign country", Vaughan stated.

"However, we are committed to ensuring affected families are provided the appropriate information, resources and support during this transition", Lt. Col. Carla Gleason said.

"I don't understand how changing this policy makes America safer by telling its servicemen and women and its government employees that it's going to make it harder for their children to be Americans", he said.

Now, children born to U.S. service members and government employees, such as those born in United States military hospitals or diplomatic facilities, will not be considered as residing in the USA, changing the way that they potentially receive citizenship.

(1) At least one parent of the child is a citizen of the United States, whether by birth or naturalization. If the parent used Form N-600, it would result in automatic citizenship under INA 320. "The result is that the USA government is no longer giving special treatment to members of the military or its employees, which as a Canadian, I find surprising", she explained in a written interview with The Epoch Times. "It's people who have gone out of their way to say we're willing to serve the USA government".

"The firestorm was created by the confusion you all created", CNN anchor Dana Bash told USCIS acting chief Ken Cuccinelli as she interviewed him Thursday. It also issued a fact sheet with some explanation. "The stress and strain that this is causing military families is a cruelty that one would never expect from a Commander in Chief".

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