Nike's newest Adapt Huarache sneakers can lace up through Siri

Nike's newest Adapt Huarache sneakers can lace up through Siri

Nike's newest Adapt Huarache sneakers can lace up through Siri

Nike has had a few stabs at a self-lacing shoe, with the most recent being the Nike Adapt BB "smart shoes". Utilizing the same EARL auto-lacing tech that had been unveiled a couple of years prior (albeit with a much steeper price tag) it was a revelation.

Users can programme different settings that dictate on how the laces are tied, such one setting for playing a basketball game and one for just lounging in. It's a revelatory innovation, especially for athletes who may need to frequently adjust the fit of their shoes as play goes on.

Nike's original Huarache shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 91'.

With their launch came a myriad of questions, one being whether or not we'd see the same technology implemented across Nike's line. The original silhouette debuted in 1992.

Of course, "self-lacing shoes" are actually not a very futuristic idea - nobody in Space Year 3000 is going to be keeping their shoes on with little bits of cord, are they? The app includes an enormous number of preset fit recommendation to make it usable by any kind of user.

Where the Huarache DNA is most obvious is in the fit - the double layered construction of the original were famously snug yet comfy. You simply tell Siri (or use your Watch) to tighten up the lacing system so you can sprint after that mother, then when you're safely onboard, relax them so you can chill out like a boss. That said, the Adapt Huarache is more stylized than the Adapt BB, and its Adapt unit doesn't look out of place or tacked on like the Nike Hyper Adapt. The company says you can setup custom Siri shortcuts, apart from the preset modes offered out-of-the-box, to tighten the Nike shoe based on your liking or picking the color of the two LEDs baked into the soul.

The Nike Adapt Huarache will hit Nike's apps and select stores on September 13th in grey and yellow colorways.

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