Eddie Martins, Richard Hall Admit Having Sex With Teen Suspect | Crime Time

Eddie Martins, Richard Hall Admit Having Sex With Teen Suspect | Crime Time

Eddie Martins, Richard Hall Admit Having Sex With Teen Suspect | Crime Time

The bench of Justice Danny Chun dropped the rape charges, after citing lack of evidence and stating that the victim's credibility was "seriously, seriously questionable". Those are the raps they pleaded guilty to on Thursday, and the judge said in turn that he'll sentence them to just five years probation when they return to court October 10.

During her previous testimony before a grand jury, Chambers also said one of the officers commanded her to expose her breast.

Martins (left) and Hall (right) maintained that their encounter with Chambers was consensual.

Martins and Hall, who resigned from the NY police department in 2017, "engaged in a shocking abuse of power", said Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, adding that he "would have preferred to see them serve prison time". Defense attorneys argued the victim's story was inconsistent, and used cell phone records and other evidence to weaken her story, according to the New York Times.

'While I would have preferred to see them serve prison time, they are no longer members of our police department and with today's plea are convicted felons'.

The case spurred legislation to close what some called a police sex loophole.

"As a result of this disturbing incident, NY passed a law to prohibit police officers from having sex with people in their custody, closing a loophole that had allowed officers to claim the sex was consensual", Gonzalez said.

He also stressed that the ex-cops will be given probation instead of time in jail "over prosecutors" objections'.

According to investigators, at around 7.30pm on on September 15, 2017, Hall and Martins, who were assigned Brooklyn South Narcotics, were riding in a Dodge Caravan as part of a buy and bust operation in the 60th Precinct.

The attorney said he will represent the woman in a federal lawsuit against the city and will ask the US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY to prosecute Martins and Hall.

Martins and Hall resigned in November 2017 before facing an administrative proceeding that could have resulted in their firing. A police complaint was registered against Martins and Halls.

Prosecutors said the defendants left their post without authorization and later stopped a vehicle driven by the 18-year-old woman, who was accompanied by two male passengers, Gonzalez said in the statement. She then said men told her she was being arrested for marijuana possession.

A pair of corrupt cops who took turns having intercourse with a teenage suspect handcuffed at the back of their automobile have averted jail.

The woman's attorney, Michael N. David, said the sentence was unacceptable and sent a bad message to victims about police violence. Once in their police van, the two detectives then both engaged in sexual acts with the teen and then released her, giving her back the pills. Chambers stated the officers let her two male friends go, arrested her and drove away with her in an unmarked police van.

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