Man caught asleep at the wheel of self-driving vehicle

Man caught asleep at the wheel of self-driving vehicle

Man caught asleep at the wheel of self-driving vehicle

A Tesla driver was filmed in an apparent deep sleep behind the wheel as his vehicle drove down the busy Massachusetts Turnpike, shocking a fellow motorist who captured the freakish and risky moment on video.

This is the latest incident involving a driver seemingly asleep at the wheel of one of Tesla's self-driving cars.

It appears the passenger in the front seat was asleep too.

Mr Randall told CBS he tried to wake the driver with his horn but to no avail.

The firm stresses that drivers are shown visual reminders to keep their hands on the wheel while the mode is on. Randall said the auto was a Tesla.

Twitter user Dakota Randall posted a video he said he had taken along the Massachusetts Turnpike yesterday. "Teslas are sick, I guess?"

Dakota Randall was driving along the Massachusetts Turnpike on Sunday afternoon local time when he noticed the driver appearing to sleep in the vehicle next to him. "But yeah, the vehicle stayed the same speed in the same way on the highway, and yeah, it didn't change at all".

The Tesla Autopilot feature is described as an "advanced safety and convenience" feature created to assist with the most 'burdensome parts of driving'.

"At no point did I feel like I was in danger until after the fact when I thought, 'Wow, I was just driving next to somebody that was completely asleep on the Mass Pike, of all places, '" Randall said to the TV station.

Tesla's official position is that its autopilot system still needs active supervision from the driver.

The company says that its autopilot function is a driver assistance system and requires drivers to be attentive. State police said they were aware of the video.

A Tesla spokeswoman declined to comment on the video.

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