House of Commons Speaker John Bercow Will Step Down Amid Brexit Chaos

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow Will Step Down Amid Brexit Chaos

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow Will Step Down Amid Brexit Chaos

"The Speaker can not but allow Parliament to have its say on what it wants to do".

Bercow said he would not contest the next election if parliament voted later on Monday in favour of calling one. He likes to think of himself as a reforming Speaker, yet he's been dogged by scandals and given up any pretence he is impartial.

But historic parliamentary convention states that he will generally be unopposed by the major political parties, who will not field a candidate in the Speaker's constituency.

"Throughout my time as speaker, I have sought to increase the relative authority of this legislature - for which I will make absolutely no apology to anyone, anywhere at any time", he said in the House.

Mr. Bercow described his 10 years as Speaker of the House of Commons as the "greatest honour" of his professional life.

Mr Johnson remained insistent that he would not ask for another Brexit delay, despite royal assent being given to legislation requiring him to seek an extension if he can not reach a deal.

Mr Bercow has been given short odds to head to the jungle for I'm A Celebrity following his announcement.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn praised Mr Bercow for being a "superb" Speaker, and said he had "totally changed the way in which the job has been done". General elections are to be held five years after the last, unless the government loses a vote of no confidence or 2/3 of members agree to early elections.

"I extend my honest gratitude to John for all that he has done on our behalf and look forward to his continued support".

Mr Johnson is now more than 20 seats short of a majority in Parliament, making effective government extremely hard.

However, nearly all Tories pointedly stayed seated and then quickly filed out of the chamber as Mr Bercow allowed gushing tributes from backbenchers drag on for nearly 90 minutes.

"The Speaker has to be on Parliament's side and stand up for Parliament".

Pro-Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, one of the architects of the decision to leave the European Union, summed up the eurosceptic sentiment in a two-word tweet: "Good Riddance".

While Brexit may be on the horizon now, it has been a long, taxing process since the referendum vote almost three years ago. The Speaker is supposed to be neutral.

Footage captured from inside the chamber by West Lothian MP Hannah Bardell shows members singing a rendition of "Scots Wha Hae" from the SNP benches when speaker John Bercow left the chamber to begin the prorogation process.

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