Labour Rebel Scorches Corbyn in Brexit Parliament Debate

Labour Rebel Scorches Corbyn in Brexit Parliament Debate

Labour Rebel Scorches Corbyn in Brexit Parliament Debate

Now Labour insists there should only be a vote if the number of potential outcomes are limited, preventing the British people from voting in a government the Labour leadership considers unacceptable.

Labour says it will vote to allow Prime Minister Boris Johnson to trigger an election once he has delayed the October 31 Brexit deadline.

"If you're a worker with a boss who makes you work extra hours for no pay or forces you into risky situations, you deserve a government that's on your side and ready to step in to support you", he said. However, this new legislation obliges the prime minister to ask E.U. members for an extended period of 3 months to exit the union, unless Parliament approves a deal or consents to a no-deal Brexit by October 19th. This is the scheduled date for the Queen´s annual speech to open the new legislative year.

So aside from the rather melodramatic spectacle of MPs who had just voted against an election holding up placards saying they were being silenced, there is no guarantee that their multiple defeats of Johnson in parliamentary votes will achieve anything tangible except to delay a general election until November at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the race is on to replace John Bercow as Commons Speaker after he announced his intention to stand down next month.

He will say: "Prime Minister Johnson now thinks that by shutting down parliament he will shut us up".

Corbyn also claimed under a no-deal Brexit, Johnson's Conservative Party would sell off public services, strip regulations and undermine worker's rights.

On Thursday the Conservative party suffered another hit, after Johnson´s brother Jo Johnson, resigned his position as a minister and member of the Conservative Party. The closure brings an end to the longest Parliament since the English Civil War, but the move by the government has been treated with outrage by anti-Brexit rebels, who recognise the so-called Prorogation of the house limits the time available to them to sabotage Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

Tories are hijacking the referendum result to help "the rich".

In a bombshell intervention deepening Labour's civil war over Europe, the deputy leader will today claim the 2016 vote was too long ago to be valid, and that a single-issue election would not break the Brexit deadlock. He needed support from two-thirds of Parliament, but only received 298 votes.

The party opposes a no-deal Brexit and has promised another referendum on any deal for leaving the EU.

"A no-deal Brexit is really a Trump-deal Brexit", he said. Finally, there would be no transition period, which was part of previous PM Theresa May's proposed deal, rejected by MPs. People from the United Kingdom would not be able to drive to an E, U, country without a special licence, and foreign phone services would increase their costs.

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