Apple Watch ‘Fall Detection’ Feature Credited With Saving Biker’s Life

Apple Watch ‘Fall Detection’ Feature Credited With Saving Biker’s Life

Apple Watch ‘Fall Detection’ Feature Credited With Saving Biker’s Life

Gabe Burdett and his father Bob had plans to go on a mountain bike ride together. I get another update from the watch saying his location has changed with a map location of SHMC. Gabe told that his father had flipped off the bike, after which he suffered a deep head injury. The answer was wrapped around his wrist: an Apple Watch that activated an emergency feature that launches if its user is detected as immobile for more than 60 seconds after a 'hard fall'. The Watch later updated his father's location and sent Gabe another text telling the current location.

The Apple Watch 4 and later contains a sensor that is continually looking out for the wearer suffering a hard fall that could render them unconscious and summon emergency help.

But in a case of technology "spying" on us for the better, his Apple watch detected the fall and called 911. His bike had been scooped up by the fire department, and was at the station.

Apple Watch's Fall detection is now available on Series 4 and Series 5. "Amazing technological know-how and so happy he had it!" In fact, Gabe notes that his brother was driving right by the hospital in question to when the second update came in, and so was able to visit their father nearly immediately.

After an X-ray and CT scan, Burdett is a little bruised but will make a full recovery. While waiting for his dad, Gabe got a message from Apple Watch of his dad stating he had "detected a hard drop".

There have been several examples where Apple Watch saved lives. Apple Watch shared with Gabe the place map of the hard drop. If the user does not turn off the notification of a fall, the device sends a signal to emergency services, indicating the location of the person and the data of his family members.

If you're in the market for an Apple Watch, but aren't completely sold on the new additions to the Apple Watch Series 5, then you're in luck.

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